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Trinity by Domenico Italo Composto-Hart
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This was one of the most unique books I've read in a long time; in style if not always in content. As I read it, I definitely came to the conclusion I was reading some European author, as the style was so different from anything I had read in a long time (he's not :) ). The story is being told to the reader by a unknown, non-human source, speaking to us in this age of our own history and the lost continent of Atlantis. Often, the story's POV is a bird or a tree, or some minor character, sometimes never to be seen again. The book starts, unabashedly, with the fall of the ruling class of Atlantis, the Kai, and abruptly shifts gears to a village on another, less technologically advanced continent (Europe? Africa?). The book has some strong Star Wars overtones; the more spiritual, less advanced civilization menaced by an overwhelming dark force (Empire vs everyone else); the competing martial arts of the Ki and Kai (Jedi and Sith?); a young man of prophesy who could be savior or tyrant (Luke). There is also, seemingly, a commentary on Eastern and Western philosophy. What I found so unique was the author's patience in moving the story along. The book moves at a snail's pace throughout almost all of the book, sandwiched by two periods of insane, confusing action. Where I would have expected a montage or break to allow for months or years of training and experience to pass by, the book plods along in a very realistic way. People do not change with the turn of a page, and wisdom and knowledge are not gained by the start of the next chapter. Instead, we have stubborn, flawed protagonists, who could just as easily become antagonists in the next book. Any changes in the characters occur, for the most part, so imperceptibly, while we are so close, that I could hardly see it. The same lesson is repeated over and over again, as most lessons must be in reality, but is rarely seen in books. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, as we tend to use books to escape the tedium of our lives for something more fantastic. Yet, the author certainly kept me guessing enough that I don't trust myself to predict what will be in the next books, and I am looking forward to reading what happens next.
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Domenico Composto-Hart Dear Mitchell,
Thank you for your review of my book, Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity. It means a lot to me to read how much you enjoyed its style, realism, and pace. I would strongly encourage you to post your review on Amazon or iTunes. I am an indy writer and every readers support is immensely appreciated.
Thank you!
With Magic,

Mitchell Sure thing. Thanks for commenting on the review!

Domenico Composto-Hart Thank you Mitchell!

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