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ALIBI by Annie Miles
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Jul 24, 2012

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I enjoyed Alibi. It's fast paced twists and turns kept you guessing. As the plot unfolds, you find each friend played a part that resulted in the death of Abigail Shelton. I liked reading each persons perspective. I did read all of the volumes consecutively and by the third volume I was a little tired of some of the places in the story that crossed over. I believe originally this story was published one volume at a time so the repetitiveness was necessary but I found it hard not to skim through. Overall it was a really good read with an ending that I really didn't see coming.

Abby Shelton was found floating in the Mackenzie's family pool bleeding, her hands tied behind her back and drugs and alcohol in her system, as well as a rumored pregnancy. The story of her death plays out at the Mackenzie family home, the wealthy and affluent family members are now at the heart of the police investigation.

Alibi opens in the police interrogation room. Abby's friends, each with their own secrets, are all present the night of her death. You first meet Charles who is the Australian cousin to the Mackenzie family. He has a violent dark secret that he is hoping to hide. Charles, who found and pulled her lifeless body from the pool, is being question in Abby's death. In Volume I as his story unfolds the dialogue follows not only the things that he tells the police, but his thoughts of all the many things that could possibly implicate him. You are also introduced to the principle players and possible suspects. Palmer, the beautiful but manipulative girl trying to use her looks and body to escape her shameful past. Mason (Ace) Mackenzie, the golden boy who has everything you need to succeed in high school; money, good looks and the most popular girl(Abby) is his girlfriend. Finally, you meet Rowan. She is Abby's best friend but could her jealousy and insecurities lead her to betray her friendship?

Volume II is Palmer's version of the same time period leading up to Abby's death. Palmer finds out that she is a product of an affair between her mother(the Mackenzie's maid) and William Mackenzie (Ace's dad). She tries reaching out to Ace to share her paternity secret only to be rejected by him over and over again. But others have found out her secret and are not above using the information to strike out at perceived rivals and enemies.

Volume III follows Mason's (Ace) point of view. Since the arrival of his cousin Charles, Ace feels his life unraveling. The two compete for everything from starting positions on the high school football team to Abby's heart. But as Ace turns to steroid drug use in hope of an edge on the football field, the side effects have him lashing out at Abby and pushing her into Charles' waiting arms. Palmers revelations regarding her and Ace's shared paternity highlight the lies his family struggles to hide. Did a steroid induced rage lead to Abby's death?

Volume IV is Rowan story. Abby's best friend is not what she seems. Unrequited love causes Rowan to create havoc in the lives of those around her as she undermines everyone while looks for retribution hook ups with both Charles and Ace behind Abby's back. Could she be guilty of the ultimate betrayal?

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