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Shadows in Flight by Orson Scott Card
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Jul 24, 2012

did not like it
Read in July, 2012

Submitting this review of "Shadows in Flight - Enhanced Ebook edition" as a warning to those interested in purchasing this novel for their ebook readers. First, the enhanced edition has pretty pictures, which are illegible on typical black-and-white ereaders. Second, the enhanced edition is an abridged version of the hardcover novel, with less than half the text of the paper version. Third, the "non-abridged" version of the original is only available as an ebook as of 2013. And fourth, I paid the same price for this abridged, "enhanced" version as I would have paid for a full-length bestseller.

None of this was disclosed on the Sony site where I purchased the book, and from the scathing reviews on Amazon, that seems to be the case for the Kindle edition as well. I only found all this out after reading the book, and reading the reviews of others who feel as cheated as I do. While I do get the concept of "buyer beware," I always assumed an "enhanced" anything means there is something extra, not that something is taken away.
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Vivian Hi Liz, thanks for your comment. And yes, I do think it only deserves one star, because I can't accurately gauge what the complete story would have been with the edition I was sold.

As a short story, I might have given it two stars: I found the plot was hard to follow and pointless. And while it is unrealistic to expect much character development with a short story, the main characters (the children traveling with Bean through space) were unsympathetic and shallow. Maybe some of the shortcomings would have been corrected with the full text, but I find it hard to believe the author allowed this "enhanced" text to be promoted as a novel...

Bjorn Wow.. I didn't even realise I was getting the short end of this. I did think the story was short, forced and just not there.. I'll have to look into the full, non enhanced version. thank you for pointing this out.

Kristin Warned too late, but thank you for your review. I agree wholeheartedly that the enhanced version was not good. I was expecting a whole novel.

Mark Same here. Feel cheated! Enhanced suggests extra or expanded details, not less. Very disappointed with Amazon.

Loopy I just started reading it and was surprised that it seemed so short and as if it was a children's book. I came on Goodreads to check - now I know.

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