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Journals by Kurt Cobain
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Nov 12, 2008

liked it

Any musical icon who suffered mentally and from drugs that wrote great music and died a mysterious death has my attention. This book allowed one to read Kurt's spooky and off the wall journals and even his suicidal ones. It was sad, and a part of me felt like maybe Kurt wouldn't have wanted his shit made public, but the better part of me thinks that because he was so disgusted by society he felt proud to show this off. I think anyone who gets as famous as he got and becomes an icon, whether or not they want it, their mental state often manifests into one of feeling you are god-like. When you become an icon in America, people start to think of you as a god or at least not human. Celebrities are above being human. And I think that can really get to someones head and whether you try to escape it, you start to think of yourself as not human. I think Kurt really felt this and in turn he felt above society and thought of society as a joke. And I think he wanted people to know this. I really do. So that's why I didn't feel as bad reading these. But really, I wasn't in his head so maybe he was different than my psychoanalysis of him.

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