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Consider the Lobster and Other Essays by David Foster Wallace
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Jul 23, 2012

it was amazing

I've never read any of David Foster Wallace's fictional work. With that confession out of the way, I think it's easier for me to say that he's quickly become my favorite essayist - there is a warmth and humor to his style that feels more like you and he are standing in the corner of a party, observing and commenting on what's before you - and part of the charm is the tone, the sense that you're taking part in the discovery, active in the observation.

The title essay - which I suppose serves double duty as both work about the festival and deconstruction of essays about festivals/specialty dishes - has been the one to make me think the most. Though it hasn't changed my eating habits much (I've had lobster once), it does make one think about how food is prepared. Not just in terms of cooking, but also how it magically appears in the markets, and what it means to have factory farms, salmon farms, and that while PETA might be crazy, their point's may be sound after all.

And that may be the greatest complement I can pay the book - a single entry in it made me rethink a position I've held for a while.

Also, it was nice to read an entire essay about the failures in autobiographies of sports stars. Ye gods, those end up being depressing.

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