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Because You Tempt Me by Beth Kery
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Jul 23, 2012

really liked it

‘Because You Tempt Me’

Because You Tempt Me is the first part in this eight part erotic serial by Beth Kery. I really have enjoyed her books in the past, and I am excited for this continuing story. I’ve never really read a serial before, where I have to wait each week for the next part to be told. I believe this first part has two or three chapters in it. It is a quick read, easily read in one sitting. Every Tuesday from today, through the next seven weeks, another part will be released.

Francesca is an artist, who entered her painting into a competition held by the billionaire, Ian Noble. Francesca wins the competition, which means she is now commissioned to create the centerpiece painting for the lobby of Ian’s new Chicago Skyscraper. Francesca shows up at her celebration reception, feeling a little out of sorts. Everything is super fancy, and she is more plain, calling the way she dresses, ‘boho chic.’ Ian arrives and greets her (somewhat distractedly) but they share a drink together and Francesca surprises him. While she may at first feel overwhelmed, she also speaks her mind. This intrigues Ian. He invites her to his place, to show her where he wants her to paint and why he chooses his penthouse as the location.

Ian is a billionaire after selling his social media company. He also owns an internet retail business. While he has tons of money, luxury and can have any woman he wants, he leads more of a lonely, solitary life. Why so lonely, you ask? Well –

He was a reluctant dom, perhaps, but a full-blown sexual dominant nonetheless. He’d long ago grown to accept his nature, knowing it matched his solitary fate in life. It wasn’t that he wanted to be alone. He was just wise enough to realize it was inevitable. He was consumed by his work. A control freak. Everyone said it of him – the media, members of the business community…his ex-wife. He’d resigned himself to the fact that they were all correct.

Fortunately, he’d grown used to his solitude.

He becomes extremely attracted to Francesca from their first meeting, but doesn’t want to ‘subject her to his demanding nature.’

Francesca on the other hand has no boyfriend, and three male roommates. We don’t’ get to meet them in this first part, but hopefully we’ll be introduced soon.

It is kind of hard to review this, since I’ve only read the first few chapters of the book. I debated whether I should wait until I’ve read two or three parts before reviewing, but at least for this first part, I wanted to talk about it so you guys could have an idea what the book is about. I hate to use the *whispers* Fifty Shades of Grey reference, but it does have a similar feel. Also reminds me of Bared to You by Sylvia Day. The hero is dark, mysterious, and very dominant. The heroine is young and doesn’t have her life settled yet. I can’t say yet what type of match Francesca will be for Ian, as it is still too early. But I’m very interested to find out.

This first part is basically the two of them meeting, working out Francesca’s arrangement for completing the painting she is doing for Ian, and Ian having a very, very hot scene by himself. You might want to read just for that. I feel like I need to be convinced more as to why Ian is so attracted to Francesca, but we have a ways to go.

A nice start to this erotic serial, and I’m looking forward to part two next week!
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message 1: by Mariya (new)

Mariya Me wonders if I should wait until a few of them are out to start the series. Because I heard each are fairly short it makes me want to read them together then. Hmmmm..

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela Mandi - this is that serial book she's doing right? How many installments are there going to be?

Mandi Schreiner Angela wrote: "Mandi - this is that serial book she's doing right? How many installments are there going to be?"

Eight. One each week starting 7/31.

You can see more about them at this site -

message 4: by Mx3 (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mx3 How does the 1st installment ends? In a cliff hanger?

Mandi Schreiner No...just ends abruptly...but makes you want to pick up #2 :)

message 6: by Mx3 (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mx3 Thanks . Can't wait to read this. Sounds good. Beth Kery is a great author to read

message 7: by Ren (new)

Ren Francesca is a struggling artist, has three male roommates, doesn't understand how attractive she is etc..

Ian is a billionaire.

How very... Fifty. I hope she will write this better than Fifty

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