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The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
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Jul 23, 2012

did not like it
Recommended for: Nobody

Terrible. My outline of the three main characters:

1. BELLA SWAN: Pathetic is the one word that springs to my mind whenever I hear her name. Not only is she weak and constantly in need of saving, she makes it all the more unbearable for the reader by going on and on about how much she LOVES, how much she is willing to sacrifice for LOVE, how she is ready to die for LOVE. I mean, seriously. She's 17. I'm 16 and I can see that it is RIDICULOUS to give up your family, your friends and basically your IDENTITY for some guy, especially a guy you've known for less than a year. And let's not even get started on the way she talks about Edward. She considers him god-like, the most beautiful thing in the world and constantly drones on and on about how perfect he is and how she doesn't deserve him. That gets on my nerves.

2. EDWARD CULLEN: Annoying. That's the word for him. I find him extremely annoying. Perhaps that's Bella's fault...the way she raves about him is enough to drive anyone crazy. But Edward is not just annoying because he is oh-so-perfect-and-above-all-humans, he's irritating also because he just can not seem to make up his mind. One minute he's going on about how dangerous he is and how Bella should stay away from him, and next minute he's watching her sleep??? THAT IS CREEPY.

3. JACOB BLACK: Jacob was actually the only character I actually liked in this entire series. He was interesting in the first book, but I liked him best in the second book, in which we actually got to know him. In the third book the love triangle seemed to be at its peak and was annoying me, so I didn't really like him in that. And in the fourth book, he was very interesting in the beginning, and the parts he narrated were the only parts I liked. He was just the only...real character, you know? I mean, he had faults and he had strengths. Then bam! He imprints on Renesmee. That destroyed him in my eyes. Seriously, no matter how Stephenie Meyer tried to make it seem natural, that was just WRONG. Bye bye Jacob.

So yea...I am kind of ranting. Sorry. Just my take on the saga.
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