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What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang
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Jul 23, 2012

really liked it

With the recent influx of dystopian YA, it is rare that you can read a book while suspending your disbelief and just enjoy the story. I really enjoyed this book but I did have some problems with it.

I loved the characters of Addie and Eva. They are both great girls and I found myself wanting to read more at the end. But I did not enjoy the singular narrator and I feel that using Addie as a narrator would have greatly increased my enjoyment of the novel. They were very well rounded and I never found myself guessing as to who was talking.

I was not expecting this book to scare me but it did! I found it to be extremely creepy and strange and absolutely horrifying at some points in the book.

While I love the girls, I do wish the author had better characterization and was able to age them better. I felt throughout the novel that they couldn't be 14 or 15, more like 11 or 12. I felt they were both very young and immature, definitely younger than the 14/15 they were stated as being. This is the main problem for my enjoyment of the book. I cannot believe that they would act like that at that old and it ruined parts of the story for me.

I love the sci-fi aspects of the novel. I really enjoyed the background information about the world, but wish there was more of it. I understand that it was supposed to create a more shocking ending and to make the twists even better, but in parts it left me wanting more but not in a good way. I was deeply confused at some points in the book as to the point of everything. We will have to wait until the next book to resolve some of these issues but I wanted more answers sooner rather than later.

I did really enjoy the book and wish that there was just a little more.
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