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Green Lantern, Volume 1 by Geoff Johns
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Jul 23, 2012

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Of all the New 52 titles so far Green Lantern is one that remains relatively unchanged and simultaneously majorly overhauled. After spending considerable time returning Hal Jordan to his rightful place during Rebirth, DC tossed him right back out the door again with the New 52 reboot. Sinestro, with all his crimes, is back in as GL (through Gardner, Raynor, and Stewart still bear rings as well) while Hal has been thrown back to Earth sans ring. It is quite the change and the Hal of New 52 is kind of an ass despite his experience (not quite the man-child glimpsed in the New 52 JLA reboot) and a far cry from the somewhat more mature Hal of the original continuity. All these changes might be somewhat more tolerable except that they also seemed to have kept much of the original GL continuity in tact. There are still multiple corps of different colors, Kyle still bore all of the GL power at one point, and Sinestro was still the leader of the Yellow ringbearers. As a result GL sort of feels like a half a reboot and the changes that have been made just sort of feel like they were made for changes’ sake. To make matters somewhat more frustrating we’re still hammering on the “Guardians are emotionless bastards” angle that has seemingly been a staple for the longest time ever. I’m definitely glad I waited for the trade and I don’t think GL will be making it back into the monthly rotation. Despite solid writing from GL veteran Geoff Johns and fantastic art by GL veteran Doug Mahnke I found Volume 1 of Green Lantern to be a major disappointment.

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