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Insperatus by Kelly Varesio
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Jul 23, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: vampires

I can actually believe the author wrote this as a teenager.And it shows very very much.

Its in serious need of an editor and research.Lots and lots of research. Many girls decide they want to be authors and its not unusual to find some old pieces of paper tucked away in a box somewhere with some scribblings and a sort of plot.

But while most of us wince at we found and put it back woving never to let anyone know about it. Some people actually say "hey this is pretty good I am sure people will like it.

Well as you can guess I didnt.

This is what i got from the excerpt of the book at amazon...and I didnt feel the urge to purchase the book "in case it got better" further along. Maybe I am closeminded and afraid to take a chance on a book. But sometimes you just know.

So what did I didnt like.

How about the names:

The main character is named "Rein"(not a nickname)and her bff Saria.These are not names parents in the victorian I will admit that it wasnt unusual for children to be given fanciful names,but Saria is essentially "Sarah"

Rein also worked all the way over to Sarias house,getting dusty on the way.Shes clearly an independent woman. *rolls eyes*

Then after Saria has scolded Rein for being so darn independentgetting dusty walking all the way over to Sarias house,they get down to their actual buisness.

They have decide they want to go away,travel to see new places. Even considering that it wouldnt not be impossible most likely place to travel would Europe.No they have to go to the United States.

Why? Its never stated.Because of undisclosed reasons.

Something that also stretches the imagination beyond the plausible is two young ladies embarking on a journey to a strange new place on their OWN. They havent even turned 25 (age of majority for women in that era.)

But its ok,since Sarias uncle is escorting them as far as the harbor. Give me mercy.

This is victorian England. Familiar with it? Proper and prim behavior,chaperones and all that.

This almost painful to read.

So lets conclude.

Here is what I liked. The plot description. Two young ladies traveling abroad encountering vampires. Thats the book I wanted.

Only with better writing and a smidgeon knowledge about the period.

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