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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
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A friend challenged me to read Les Miserables with him, in French. I'm not quite up to that challenge, but I did agree to slog through the thing in English. I'm glad I did. It is quite frankly a masterwork. But we all knew that, didn't we? I enjoyed this Penguin edition. Obviously, unless I want to make it my life's work to read this book in other editions, I won't ever have anything to compare it to, but the writing in the Penguin edition is lively and up to date. I highly recommend. The translator even took out a couple of bits that probably should have been edited out in the first edition (dare I say it?), but he includes them in the appendix, just in case you're dying to read every word. You won't need to. Hugo does go on occasionally, about things that you wish he would just shut up about so he can get on with the story, but for the most part, this is an awesome novel. I "couldn't put it down" novel. Every character well developed and every story line completely satisfying.

I've never seen the musical, nor have I seen any film of this book. I'm not sure how it can be done justice, since it's so epic. I can certainly see, though, how a producer could read this and think, "I GOTTA make this into a movie/musical/play!" It's just so compelling. Loved it.

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