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I’m bawling my eyes right at this very moment, because this series is over and lemme just tell you that it ended PERFECTLY. Opposition is absolutely top-notch fangirling material, set to conclude one of the most addictive stories by raising the bar on sexiness, action, heartbreak and pure, unloaded fun. It was everything I could’ve hoped for and then some – I completely loved it.

His eyes were beautiful when they met mine, luminous and clear, and a long moment stretched out between us. “I love you.”

At the end of Origin, we could see that things were going south pretty quickly. But the “little” stunts our favorite gang pulled in the last book are in no way at the scale of epicness from this one, because shit just hit the fan in Opposition. World domination. Alien invasion. Dystopia setting. Apocalypse loading. You know, the usual holy shit stuff.

One of the reasons this series is so worth reading is the characters. Intense, realistic, strong characters. Katy Swarz, ex-book blogger extraordinaire and current alien hybrid with serious mojo, is a tough chick that you can't help than admire. Stubborn, kind, determined and definitely badass, I loved that she still found the power to simply smile and joke in the midst of all that's going on. She proved countless times that she's a selfless, caring person that would do anything to protect the ones she loves and that kind of strength is always awe-inspiring. She's had to go through some awful stuff and now she fights to end it all and make herself a future.

Daemon Black is still the king of swoons, sarcasm-dripping lines and alpha-male behavior. The magnitude of his feelings for Katy is unbelievable and I had to remind myself that he's just fictional, because otherwise I would order a Daemon Black right at my doorstep. Oh, and he brings out the big guns on smoking hotness that will have you blush in a can't-get-that-goofy-smile-off-my-face kind of way. And the romantic declarations will swoop you off your feet, cause they're at a whole new level. The same alien eye candy with very mischievous thoughts and horribly arrogant attitude, only this time he's all grown up. Watch out, cause you're about to love him even more (if that's even possible).

“I broke every rule of my kind to heal you and keep you with me. I married you and burned down an entire city to keep you safe. I’ve killed for you. Did you think I’d forget what you mean to me? That anything in this world—in any world—would be stronger than my love for you?”

Katy and Daemon are a sizzling pair. Their romance will have your heart singing sappy songs only because you cannot picture them apart. They're intense and completely crazy about each other. Lovestruck. And the best thing is that they make one another better, always ready to fight whatever life throws their way if they're in it together. Awww, I just love them. *happy sigh*

“I had it with Daemon, but I wondered if we looked as love-struck as they did.
“You do,” Archer commented softly.
Ah, well, that was kind of embarrassing.
“Yes, it is,” he added.

Now I need to make a confession. Since Daemon has to be with Katy because they're so perfect together -- not that I would say no to his alien hotness -- I have to state, loud and clear, that freaking Archer is mine to the hell and back, lol. When I remember that we've only met him in the fourth book and that he's only a secondary character -- granted, a pretty important one -- the fact that my love for him knows no bounds shocks me every time. He's compassionate, realistic, deadly and smoking hot. Not to mention down-right hilarious. His bickering with Daemon cracked me up, but you could see they are on their way to becoming good and close friends. Just imagine: smartass comments to the millionth power. Katy actually said it best:

“You know what I think?” She lowered her voice as if she were sharing a secret. “I think you do like Archer, and you just don’t want to admit that you’re in the beginning stages of a bromance to end all bromances.”

And seriously now, I love anyone who can make Daemon jealous over such trivial things like a hug or a candy bar. *giggles*

“I stood where I was, telling myself that the ugly heat invading my veins was indigestion and not jealousy. Totally not that, because Archer had nothing on me.
But did he need to hug her that long? And that hard? Come the hell on."

But there's no worry regarding a possible Katy + Archer outcome, maybe only a wonderful friendship, because the guy is completely smitten with Dee. Romance overload, show me what you've got. These two are just totes adorbs together.

“I wonder if I can get Dee to make me some,” Archer replied casually, ignoring Daemon. “You know, when she’s not on Team Kill Everyone.”
“She won’t make you any chicken,” Daemon retorted.
“Oh, she’ll make me fried chicken.” Archer laughed deeply. “She’ll make me all the chicken I want.”

Speaking of Dee, she was in a bad place most of this book and I was deeply hurt to see how it affected her once it all came crashing down. But she's still her sweet, kind and all-around great self and I'm glad she has Archer to protect and spoil her.

I looooved Luc. The kid is weird, but good-weird. Sure, he can be creepy and scary when he wants to be, but when he's all rainbows and sunshine? Overwhelmingly cute. Although what saddened me most was how lonely he truly was. I wished Katy just hugged the heck outta him once in a while, because being freakishly intelligent and a powerful mastermind must be exhausting at some point. But he's awesome and funny like no other and I'm glad he got accepted into the crew just like another family member.

Dawson & Beth are still very much in the picture, thank the gods since I couldn't have handled any other deaths. I missed them a bit, especially Dawson, but they got their own little problem to worry about so I was okay with knowing they're safe and sound somewhere far away from the heat of the fight.

A shocking turn of events had us meeting up with Hunter, Serena and Lore and I was more than happy to catch up with them for a bit. Unlikely allies, but in the end a strong proof that Arum and Luxen could be, you know… friends.

“Here?” Archer asked.
He nodded with a tight smile. “Why else do you think I suggested the airport? It’s not like I like to hang out here.”
“How were we supposed to know?” Daemon responded, eyeing the manhole like it was the last thing he wanted to climb into. Ditto. “You’re an Arum, so . . .”
“I really was hoping you’d drop that damn attitude by now.”
Daemon smirked. “Kiss my ass.”
“No, thank you.”

Oh, I almost forgot the cherries on the top. Lotho, you're crazy, but I like you. Nancy Husher, Sadi and Ethan Smith -- eff you all.

Prepare yourself for action, battles and a colossal amount of ass-kicking. To say that Daemon & Co. are badass would be an understatement. This little enlarged family became a team that supported each other, sacrificed for one another and protected everyone at any cost. Honestly, I felt like a proud mamma to see those babies take on the world with their eyes set on a future. They’re determined, selfless and down-right awesome.

“Luxen, by nature, are arrogant.”
“Gee, really?” I muttered.
One side of his lips kicked up in a sexy, smug half grin as Archer snickered.
“Origins are probably more arrogant, you know,” Daemon said. “The borderline stupid kind of arrogant.”
The smirk faded from Archer’s face.”

But there’s also heartbreak in store for them so you might shed a few tears. There was a certain moment when my eyes glazed over, got all teary-eyed and made me shake my head in vehement denial. The scene did stupid, cruel things to my heart and it opened the floodgates, as I was about to go shouting to the whole world that “LIFE IS FREAKING UNFAIR!”. That part, short-lived as it was, pretty much crushed me.

Then there’s the epilogue that had my cheeks hurting from smiling so much and my heart completely satisfied. I was doing a happy dance at how things played out, because these beloved characters of mine got the ending they deserved after hard and gut-wrenching experiences. I was so so proud and happy for them. *sniff*

And I’ll miss them so damn much. *full on sobbing*

So here we are, at the end of another astounding series. In this last installment, I fell all over again for the awesomeness that is Daemon Black, cheered Katy as she evolved into this kick-ass young woman, devoured every word about the rest of the crew, laughed my ass off uncountable times and had my heart leaping from my chest at every threat. Opposition was well worth the wait and the jazz went down in pure JLA fashion – truly unputdownable, swoon-worthy, hilarious and action-packed. If you’re afraid to read it, have no fear – it’s glorious. If you haven’t started this series yet, then I seriously don’t know what the hell are you waiting for.

“This kind of love was the real deal, stronger than a whole planet full of psycho aliens and an entire government.”

Oh, man. I guess there’s one last thing that needs to be said…

Thank you, Jennifer, for creating one of the best stories out there.
Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing us to embark on this journey.
Thank you, Jennifer, for making me fall in love with your incredible and amazing characters.
Thank you, Jennifer, for making me cry, laugh out loud, swoon off my feet, smile from ear to ear and cheer.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been wonderful from start to finish.


Basically Archer to Daemon & Katy:


I'm already having Daemon Black withdrawals. I thought the ending of Opal was bad, but Origin managed to end in a jaw-dropping way. I'm mind-blown.

I WANT Opposition like yesterday! (By the way, awesome title.)

I NEED to know what happens now! This whole thing is so much bigger than Daemon & Co.!



And now I'm positive JLA is an evil woman.

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Vanessa Vazquez Loved your review, I am even more excited to get and read this book now more than ever!!! I swoon over archer and daemon(;

Andreea Pop Yeah, Daemon is all kinds of wonderful, but I completely fell in love with Archer! He's just perfect <3 And you should read it. It's a great conclusion to the Series :)

Rose great review!

Andreea Pop Rose wrote: "great review!"

Thank you, Rose!! :)

David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party are one of the best reviewers I've ever read!!! :D

BooksAmL OMG thank you , i was so afraid to read this book because i thought it will break me into pieces

Andreea Pop Luana wrote: "OMG thank you , i was so afraid to read this book because i thought it will break me into pieces"

Have no fear :)

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