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Darkhouse by Karina Halle
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Jul 22, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: freaked-my-mind, ghost, got-it-free

Meet Perry Palomino, a 22 year old graduate from Oregon (I totally feel like this is a game show) come on down!
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(Ignore the fact that the contestant is a guy)
Perry is a receptionist (not a good one) for an ad agency even though advertising is what she got her degree in. Perry is one of those people who have no clue what they want to do with their lives. Case in point... She took lessons to become a stunt woman and quit. Because she got bored.

Who the fuck gets bored? That totally seems like a bad-ass career.

Anyways, because of the economy crashing she had to take the receptionist job that she hates so much AND move in with Mom and Dad.

As a family, they (Mom, Dad, Perry and Ada (Perry's little sister)) decide to go take a short one day trip to see Uncle Al and his 19 year old twins. After dinner and after the parents went to sleep, the twins decide they're going to have a bonfire and drink. Perry and Ada join in but after a while Perry starts to realize how boring it is to hang out with a bunch of teenagers. So of course she has to explore.

Ever since Perry was little, shes had an overwhelming urge to explore the lighthouse on her uncles property and everyone has always told her no. So where does she go? Yep... the dark and creepy light house.

Creepy as Hell

While exploring the lighthouse creepy (and yes, I know I'm using the word creepy a lot, the shit was creepy) shit starts happening, she hears foot steps upstairs and sees a shadow walk by the window. Perry finally has enough and wants to leave the "rape palace" (her words, she thought she was being corralled by rapists) and get away from the noise. She goes to make a mad dash towards the window she came in through when all of a sudden SMACK...
Some one is in the lighthouse with her!

Dex (Declan) Foray come on down!
At this point Perry is freaking out and I don't blame her. She figured that Dex was all the source of all the noise but as she's telling him off footsteps can be heard above. Dex has this brilliant idea to explore and figure out where the noise is coming from. Perry goes along and I'm not sure why, because if it were me I'd be running...Fast.

Well of course while walking through the lighthouse together crazy shit starts happening. Doors slamming, footsteps, blinding lights, and the whole entire lighthouse starts to shake.
And then Dex disappears.

Needless to say, this book had me creeped out and overall I enjoyed it. Was it perfect? No it wasn't, it had it's far share of flaws. I thought that Perry's obsession with Dex was too overplayed throughout the book but it got better towards the end. One thing that I enjoyed was Ada. I loved her sarcasm, I thought her wit was fantastic.

With all the books out there I decided to take a chance on this indie author. While most people are shying away from indie authors because of past crazy situations (you know who you are, no reason to name names), I've begun to embrace the ones who have respect for reviewers/bloggers and the human population in general.

So thank you Karina Halle, for treating others with respect and for writing an awesome book. I look forward to continuing this series.
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Tricia A 4 star free book, SOLD! just downloaded it! Oh and if Aladdin fails me you will be the first person I'm calling to stay on the phone with whilst I panic about weird noises and ghosts. Just a heads up :)

Robert Kristoffersen Haha, the contestant isn't just a guy. It's Aaron Paul, aka Jesse from Breaking Bad. They showed this footage on Jay Leno. But this is a great book!

Jennifer D Robert wrote: "Haha, the contestant isn't just a guy. It's Aaron Paul, aka Jesse from Breaking Bad. They showed this footage on Jay Leno. But this is a great book!"
Thanks Robert, I actually didn't know who it was when I put in on here. I think I've seen 2 or 3 episodes of BB. I have it on netflix but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. But it was between him strutting down the aisle or a fat lady running and falling. Lol, I liked him better!

Robert Kristoffersen Can't argue with that, haha. You definitely made the better choice here.

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