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The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa
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Jul 21, 2012

really liked it
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Recommended for: Fellow humans in search for paranormal beings that AREN'T unoriginal.
Read from August 13 to 18, 2012

To my fellow review readers:
Please note that this review will be filled with not only my review, but there will DEFINITELY be spoilers, rambling, and babbling about other topics because that's just how random I am.
If you are not ready to endure the awesomeness of the randomness of this review, I advise that you locate away from this page.

Let me state something first before I start this review:


Or werewolves. Or angels. Or immortals. Or faeries. Or mermaids. Or wizards. Or dragons, ghosts, and any other common paranormal creature found in today's paranormal romances.

DON'T GET ME WRONG!! I mean . . . I love wizards. (Harry Pottaaah!) And dragons. FO-SHIZZLE, I'd like a pet dragon! As long as it doesn't eat me.

But seriously, come on. THERE ARE SO MANY PARANORMAL ROMANCES, it's hard to go to the library and NOT find one. Heck, THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SHELVES!
And besides, I've never been the hugest fan of paranormal romances.

(Maybe it's my own fault for choosing the ones that aren't especially awesome to my taste.)
-Twilight has vampires.
-The dreaded Evermore series has immortals.
-Wings had faeries.
-Firelight had dragons.

And all of these books? Sure, their descriptions were amazing and everything but the romances? (Make the sound of deflating balloon. Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...) q(-_-)

Maybe I just chose the wrong books. (*sigh.)

ANYWAY, I'm not here to rant about those! I'm just stating those because I am SO, SO, SO VERY THANKFUL THAT THIS SERIES IS . . . way, way, way more ORIGINAL.

You guys know the gist of the story, right?

Yuki is an alien. ALIEEEEN! (Dude, how many alien stories are there in this world? This is the first one I've found!)

Mikuru is a time-traveler! (And sure, all this time-traveling, time paradox fop can get a little confusing but when you DO understand it, it's just AMAZING.)

Koizumi is an esper. (Dude, I STILL don't know what an esper is, but I think they're cool.)

There are ALL THREE OF THOSE. And then Haruhi is the strangest of them all, being either a possibility for evolution, a time distortion, or a god.

I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER read a story that's anything like this one.

THAT'S the main reason why I love this story. It's so original in every single way, and it'll probably be about a million years before you find something that's anything like it.

I mean, there are so many stories that are JUST LIKE TWILIGHT.
But I don't think it's possible to find another version of this story.

So basically, before I start this review, I just want to say: IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING REALLY ORIGINAL AND TOTALLY DIFFERENT . . .

I'd say you should try this book.

Unless you're not a fan of sci-fi, or you get confused really, really easily up to the point where you don't understand what's going on (like, if you watched Inception and you don't get ANY OF IT, even if you've rewatched it like 3 times).

But yeah. This story is just the best ever. I LOVE YOU NAGARU TANIGAWA!

Anyway yeah. Let's start the review now. :)

So, recently, I've just gotten really obsessed with this series. I'm the kind of fan that spends valuable time researching and watching and rewatching the episodes over and over, and trying to get a hold of all of the books, and memorizing the lyrics to the OSTs...part of my world is Haruhi Suzumiya.
And yes, I'm also doing this because this summer is the kind where I'd spend the days sleeping otherwise.

And after ALL THAT, I was still wondering . . . "WHY ARE ALL THE EPISODES AND CHAPTERS MIXED UP??"
I mean, don't the short stories in THIS BOOK happen before what happened in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya??

Anyway, I found out, finally! This book is just filled with short stories, like episode fillers. It's like a tiny bit of fun before another huge story starts.

All of these short stories have been turned into anime episodes, and all the stories took up about one episode. (Well, except the Remote Island Syndrome episode. That had 2 parts.)

And there's practically NO DIFFERENCE between the anime and the book. If you've seen the episodes already, then you basically know everything that happens.
There are tiny differences, though, but the anime kind of improved a little--just like what happened in The Sigh.

If you want to see the episodes, here's a reference:

The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya-Season One/Episode 7

Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody-Season Two/Episode 1

Mysterique Sign-Season One/Episode 8

Remote Island Syndrome-Season One/Episodes 9 and 10

So anyway, I guess with this sort of book, every chapter gets its own reflection:

1. The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya

The romance in this series is really, really interesting. It's the kind of romance that's supposed to be IMPLIED. It's not very clear but if you can tell how the characters act and WHY, you'd get more of it.
It's kind of weak to be able to tell in the novels, but the anime presents it pretty clearly.

In this story, it's basically about a baseball game that Haruhi forced her brigade and a few other people to play, and if they lose that game, it's like the end of the world.
And other than Haruhi, they're all pretty bad at baseball.

I think this chapter was really pretty interesting, probably because of how they cheated to win the baseball game. (The anime made it pretty funny.)
But it's also because of the relationship between Kyon and Haruhi.
Kyon is technically the practical one who complains a lot about what Haruhi wants them all to do. But even if he complains THAT MUCH, Haruhi still pretty much trusts him and I THINK THAT'S CUUUTE!

I mean if I wanted to do something fun and there was that one potato butt that complained about EVERYTHING, I'd kick him right on his astronaut and say, "YOU BIG JERK! DO WHAT I SAY OR GET OUT!"
Well I'm not naturally that mean, but you know . . .

Anyway, it's because Kyon isn't participating the way Haruhi trusts him to that the world was starting to get closer to ending.
Kyon doesn't really seem to notice how much Haruhi trusts him. Or, well, he might, but he doesn't say much about it.
It makes the whole romance story between them pretty frustrating and slow-paced, but at the same time, it makes me REALLY, REALLY EXCITED to know what happens next.


I LOVED this story, partially because it made you THINK (but it got me REALLY CONFUSED at first), and partially because it explained a lot of what happens to them in the present, and partially because it's a fairly important factor in the 4th book, which I'll bring up in my next Haruhi Suzumiya review.

FIRST, if you got confused while reading or watching this, here's my explanation for you:

Mikuru and Kyon went back in time, right? (July 7th, 3 years back.) THEN Mikuru fell asleep, and the adult Mikuru appeared.
The reason why she put the younger Mikuru to sleep was because when SHE was in the younger Mikuru's place, she didn't remember meeting the older Mikuru. If the older Mikuru let the younger Mikuru see her, it'd conflict with her memories, and then there'd be this huge time paradox. (Huh. That IS pretty confusing.)

The adult Mikuru told Kyon to go to a certain place to meet a certain someone, and then she just WALKED AWAY and disappeared into the darkness.

So Kyon went to where he was told, and he met the younger Haruhi.

And she basically forced him to help her with what she was going to do.

So she made him draw the weird symbols all over their school quad. Kyon had stated that he KNEW about Haruhi drawing those weird symbols all over the place, but he never thought that he was the one that drew them. I thought that was really, really interesting!
So if he had seen that article in the paper of the weird symbols, he'd probably look at it and go, "Jeez, who did that strange girl get to do that? Poor guy."
But it was really him. Like he was looking at his destiny!

Anyway, after he was done with what Haruhi wanted him to do, he had told Haruhi that his name was John Smith, which ALSO means a lot in the story.
And he had given her the idea to go to North High. So through the story, he was complaining so much about what he was stuck with, but he was the one who had given her the idea for coming to North High and making the brigade.

When Mikuru woke up, her TPDD time traveling device was missing and that if they didn't find a solution . . . they'll be stuck in that time plane. FOREEEEEEEEEVEEEEER.
So then Kyon realized, "Okay, so if she's missing her TPDD, that must mean that the adult Mikuru took it so that they'd use some OTHER way to get back to their time instead . . ."
And THAT'S how he got the idea to go to Yuki Nagato.

Okay, this next part kind of confused me, too, but I understand it, so here it goes.
First of all, when they arrive to her place, she's wearing her uniform, even though it's going to be 3 years before she even enrolls. I was like, "Are you already a student there???"
Nope. She's just on stand-by and she has to wait for 3 years.
And another thing is that she doesn't look any younger. She looks EXACTLY THE SAME.
So let's say that they all become 80-year-olds in this story, all old and wrinkly.
And Yuki will be the only one with a young, wrinkle-less body!! Ah, the benefits of her species . . .

So anyway, when she's talking to Kyon, she says, "The me you know 3 years from now and the me in this time are the same person."
Well obviously. But that's not what she meant.
She meant that she had the same memories, so she knows her own future. Jeez, I wish I could do that.
She did that by "syncronizing" memories with her future self. I guess that's a benefit of transcending space and time. I'm JEALOUS!!

So, all that time, through everything that Kyon has gone through, Yuki has already known what's going to happen and how it's going to happen, but she doesn't tell ANYBODY.

So THEN, Yuki basically tells them to sleep in a room together, and I don't see why Kyon and Mikuru would freak out. I mean, there were two separate futons. It's not like they were told to sleep on the same futon.
Yuki was like, "Sleep. Go to sleep, and ONLY sleep."
See? They were totally reassured.
But I guess if I was in that situation, I'd freak out, too. Oh well.

So here's how the anime went:
The lights went off. Yuki closed the door. Kyon closed his eyes. ONE SECOND LATER, the lights went back on, and they both sat back up.
They were like, "Okay, why'd you just turn off the lights and then turn them back on so fast??"
But then Mikuru realized that they were back in their own time.
THAT totally confused me. I was like, "Whaaat? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??"
Basically, Yuki stopped the time in that room and kept it that way for the next three years. When the certain day came, she started the time again.

So the whole entire time, when Kyon visited Yuki for the first time, his future self and Mikuru were sleeping in the next room.
I watched the episode where Kyon and Yuki were both first talking and Yuki was explaining that she was an alien. I was like, "Oh Kyon. Don't you know that your future self is sleeping right in the next room???"

3. Mysterique Sign

Okay, Emiri Kimidori was probably the most confusing character in this story. She only appeared in like . . . one episode, but at the end of the episode, it was stated that she was created by Yuki as . . . another interface. I think.

Anyway, Emiri Kimidori plays a bigger part in the future of the series, believe me. (But she doesn't really appear again for another long while . . .)

This episode is basically about a sign that Haruhi created. Apparently, when people look at it through the computer, they get sucked into another dimension. Why, I never really figured out. (Still a little confused . . .)
So, Kyon, Koizumi, Yuki, and Mikuru go into a different dimension to find the Computer Club President, who saw the sign and got sucked into the dimension.
The gigantic camel cricket was something very, very random. I mean, why a gigantic cricket? Why not a gigantic PANDA BEAR???

And Koizumi used his powers to destroy the gigantic cricket, but his powers only make me CONTINUE to wonder what on earth an esper is.

Anyway, apparently, that picture contained 436 terabytes of data. DUDE, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY GIGABYTES THAT IS?!?!
That's . . . 1024 Gigs times 436.

I'd love to have a 436 terabyte I-phone. My phone is only 8 gigs and it's going to run out of space any day now.

4. Remote Island Syndrome

Out of all the stories, THIS STORY was probably the story that differed most from it's anime episode.
FIRST OF ALL, it's basically a mystery story. And trust me, it's way more exciting in the anime. The book sort of made it a little bland and a little less detailed, but the story is still pretty much there.

Basically, the brigade goes on a trip to this remote island, and Haruhi is all, "OH MY GOD! It's a remote island! I hope something WEIRD happens because usually weird things happen on remote islands!"
And something did indeed happen.
The host of the trip had gotten murdered . . . by his BROTHER!!!
(I've seen soap operas like that. The most popular line I've heard would probably be, "(GASP)OH MY GOD, HOW COULD YOU?! And with your BROTHER!!!!!!")

Anyway, they spent the story trying to figure out how the murder was caused.

(view spoiler)

Anyway, in conclusion . . . THIS BOOK WAS WAY BETTER THAN THE LAST! There were a lot more words, but it was more descriptive and more opinionated and . . . way better than The Sigh.

All these short stories will have a deeper meaning in the future of these series. I mean, they might seem like just short stories now, but in the future, a lot of the major events reference on these short stories.

I think there are more short stories in the 5th volume, right?

Anyway, this book was pretty good!
But I can HARDLY WAIT for the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I LOOOOOVE THAT STORY!!!

Whoa. This review was really long.

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2.0% "YES. I got my hands on THIS BOOK!!! So anyway...I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!! Y'know, why the events in The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya happened in a setting BEFORE the Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya.....these are just short stories from the time between the Melancholy and The Sigh. (It gave me a mind fart before but now I understand!) So........224 pages. THIS BOOK IS HUGER THAN THE ONES BEFORE IT!!!"
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8.0% "GAAAH! this is the same awesomeness that I endured in the first book!!! It's all smiles so far!"
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58.0% "GAAAH! I love this story so much!! Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I saw all of the anime up to around the first half of the 5th book. But I can't wait to get to the books that I haven't seen the anime of. So far, I know everything that happens in these stories. But I can't wait to get into something unexpected!"
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79.0% "Alright, I think I read best when it's late at night. I'm gonna pass out any second now!!! BUT SERIOUSLY, this book beats The Sigh by this GIGANTIC LANDSLIDE!"
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