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The Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove
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Jul 29, 2007

it was amazing
Recommended for: anyone and everyone
Read in September, 2002

This is a great book. The cover has Robert E. Lee with an Ak-47 so you know it isn't your standard book. Even though a Confederate victory via time travel is far fetched, it isn't the main part of the book. It has much more to do with the Confederate States as a nation and how it comes to terms with it's own internal problems as well as facing a racism borne out of hatred (by the time travelers), as opposed to their racism based out of ignorance.

The time travelers from a decade ahead of our own were white supremacists from South Africa and sought to create a puppet state, only Robert E. Lee (while not as enlightened as we may be) was a forward thinking man on race and a moderate abolitionist in his own right, and for diplomatic purposes, the CSA would need to curtail slavery for the sake of alliances with Europe which had abolished slavery a generation or two earlier.

In addition to the main plot about the Confederates vs a futuristic coup are referendums on whether Missouri and Kentucky wish to be in the Union or the Confederacy (Missouri stays in the US while Kentucky joins the CSA) as well as a friendship between Lincoln and Lee (two men who's early deaths greatly damaged the Southern states), Lee's plans to phase out slavery, and a US invasion of Canada to offset the loss of their Southern states.

This book may not be a realistic alternate history, but the main point of it is about how the South evolves after being free and readjusting their own views after seeing a much more malignant side of their perspective.
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