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Golden by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Nov 10, 2008

it was amazing

When Lissy James or as she would rather prefer, felicity, moves unwillingly from hotshot California to what she believes to be hillbilly Oklahoma, she expects to be the talk of the school at Emory High. I mean after all she is from California and this is just nowhere Oklahoma, right? Apparently not. See at Emory High there are two kinds of people, those who matter, and those who don't. A.K.A the "Golden's" and the "Non- Golden's", or the

One of the main reasons i liked this book is because i can really relate to Lissy. A lot of things she says or does reminds me of things that i believe i would say or do in those types of situations. Like when she wakes up in her huge SUV to find a group of golden girls staring her down in their tiny blue convertible, but all Lissy can think about is if they saw the dry drool running down her chin. Thats definitely something I would do.

another one of my favorite characters from the book is Lissy's grandmother. She sorta reminds me of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones form "Thank you Mam".She's very loud, outgoing and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She also reminds me of my own grandmother whom, co- workers like call her "Scary Mary", because she's very loud and outgoing, and doesn't care what anyone thinks herself.

Another reason why i loved this story is because of the way Lissy can read people. Lissy family is like other family's. the women throughout her mothers side of the family, each have a unique power, which is often referred to as the "Sight". Lissy mother can she things that are happing, or that are going to happen. her sister can tell wether people are telling the truth or not, and convince anyone in the world to do as she says, but never takes advantage of it. Lissy, can see peoples aura's. An aura is a light that surrounds a persons body entirely, and show how they are feeling. Some aura's change colors, others stay the same color but change shades instead. There is one color that Lissy describes a not really being a color, but as not really being nothing at all. She calls it Garn, and anyone who has Garn in their aura has done something really, really terrible in the life. Anytime Lissy see it she gets physically sick to her stomach., yet nobody believe her about the colors existence.

Furthermore, Golden turned out to be one of my favorite books that i would very much enjoy reading again.


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