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Collision Course by S.C. Stephens
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Jul 21, 2012

liked it

I wanted to love this book and it came highly recommend however I found myself skimming and I never skim. 1/3 of the book could have been removed and I wouldn't have missed the pages. I felt like I was in a never-ending loop.

I did enjoy the second half but since it was so incredibly unnecessarily long and I was wishing it was over I wasn't able to fully appreciate the ending. :( sadly my first 2 star review.

Update: Alright so I felt incredibly guilty for giving it a 2 star. What annoyed the crap out of me... the dreams... oh the dreams! After reading the 5 millionth one it just ruined the whole book. I was tired of reading about them. I felt horrible for Sawyer! She deserved someone living in the present. How can you compete with a dream. Why would you stick around 4 months to be 2nd rate. The fact that the story is still with me proves it wasn't horrible, there were just pieces that could have been omitted and I would have enjoyed it more. Cut out a million of the dreams and it would have been so much better. I'm bumping up to a 3 star.
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Meghan I totally agree with this.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Same here ...I started reading this aboutba month ago and I stopped because it seemed to drag out, yesterday I decided to give it another shot and I'm having a hard time again with it. Its very drawn out on the accident and his dreams without much else of a plot.

Sandra Cortez I attempted to read again because it has such great reviews, maybe I wasn't giving it a fair shot and nope I just couldn't get passed the endless amount of dreams. It was just entirely too long when it didn't need to be. They took away from the ending.

Michelle I'm glad you changed it to a 3 star! yes I completely. 100% agree with your entire review I skimmed as well!

Brandi Yes I agree the last 3 to 4 chapters are DRAGGING ON

message 6: by Jen (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jen Couldn't agree with u more. I totally skimmed it too! Hated the dreams and just couldn't get into it. Loved effortless and thoughtless and was hoping it would be like that. Didn't even come close.

Nicole Raymor I skimmed through most of it too. And I had very high hopes. I loved the author's Thoughtless series. But as this was geared towards the YA audience I'm thinking the dream sequences would play out much better for a younger demographic.

Jacqulyn I skimmed thru quite a bit too. Well written but drawn out and needed more positive moments. I felt so horrible so many times for Sawyer :(

Kris To all you missed out. This was a 5 star read. I will it was slow in parts and Luc seemed to be stuck in a loop there, but that's because he was. The heart of this story is about the loop of pain Luc (and Sawyer too) are in and how they move forward and heal. I loved the way this story is unraveled and then knits itself into a heart. Give it a second chance!

Rachel i thought it was actually necessary to include the dreams because thats how you got to know more about the characters that died. If it weren't for those they would seem like strangers.I wouldn't have cared about the characters as much as I did had it not been for those dreams.

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