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The Lost Soul by Jessica Sorensen
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Jul 21, 2012

really liked it

THE LOST SOUL (Fallen Souls #1) by Jessica Sorensen

THE LOST SOUL is the first book in Jessica Sorensen’s Fallen Souls series-a spin off from her popular Fallen Star series. Like the Fallen Star series, The Lost Soul features many of the characters from the original series including Gemma Lucas, Alex, Aislin, Laylen and Nicholas. The requisite dark side returns, when the Queen of the Underworld continues to push the boundaries, needing homes for her lost souls. Fey, witches, vampires and demons all vie for the upper hand in a power struggle between good and evil. The action is fast paced and draws the reader immediately into the storyline.

Gemma Lucas is almost 18years old, a Keeper, a Foreseer and in love with Alex. Once she held the power of a star, she is now on a mission to free her father from the Room of the Forbidden. But Gemma’s visions and dreams have once again become life-like and the premonitions and warnings are too strong to ignore, especially when the Queen of the Underworld crosses over onto their plane of existence. Only in this vision, Alex disappears and Gemma is unable to find out where he has gone.

Alex knows that Gemma’s dreams and nightmares have become more frequent, with warnings of blood, death and possession. Since her father has been sentenced to the Room of the Forbidden for breaking the rules, Gemma’s only thoughts have been to find a way to free her father, but breaking the rules could place Gemma in the same predicament as her father. It is only when Alex disappears does Gemma realize that perhaps her one sided endeavor is risking more lives than just her own. And Alex’s rescue and return is not the happily-ever-after of fairy tales and romance. Something about Alex has changed.

The three queens-Essence, Afterlife and Underworld continue their sibling rivalry, but Alex and Gemma become pawns in a fight that will see jealousy and hatred eat away until one sister has total control and the man that she has always wanted. And the man has connections to someone close to Gemma and her friends. As Helena’s powers increase, Gemma’s human frailty becomes more evident with every situation that she pursues.

As a witch, Aislin continues to find a way to increase her powers, but sometimes her magic backfires and when this happens, Gemma and the others will find themselves facing a portal into another realm, where nightmares really do come true. Trapped with no way of escape, the duo will get help from an unlikely hero, who has eyes only for Gemma. But Nicholas is not willing to help out of the goodness of his heart.

Nicholas continues his pursuit of Gemma, even though Gemma is clearly in love with Alex. But Nicholas’s attempts to both shield and protect, are masked by the double speak where only he knows the truth about the 3 queens and their war. Betrayal and lies follow Gemma, but it is the revelation about Alex’s family and their connection to the Queen, that will have Gemma trapped with no way of escape. And in the end, two souls will find a way to reunite, and Alex and Gemma will have no control over the outcome when Laylen becomes an integral part of the war.

THE LOST SOUL is the continuing story of Gemma Lucas and her fight to discover who and what she is. Eliminating the Death Walkers and fighting the fey in The Fallen Star series had previously given Gemma a purpose, but discovering some unknown facts about her family, may prove to be a bigger obstacle than her missing powers. And when the Queen of the Underworld releases the lost souls, no one is safe, not even a friend or someone you love.

Jessica Sorensen writes a wonderful and fascinating storyline that is sure to please, especially for the fans of her Fallen Star series. To be honest, I would suggest reading her Fallen Star series, where many of The Lost Soul characters grow and develop their own personalities and storylines. If you are new to Jessica Sorensen there will be plenty of background information missing in The Lost Soul-information that can only be found in The Fallen Star series.

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