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The Dark Monk by Oliver Pötzsch
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Jul 21, 2012

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As with The Hangman's Daughter, this is a historical suspense/thriller. And as with THD, it is intriguing to read and discover how they will solve the crimes, especially when we've come so used to modern methods of crime solving - including the idea that DNA can solve a crime in a matter of days, thanks to TV crime shows.

But also as with THD, the author lapses into modern terms to describe things. One example is when a character refers to another character "hitting on" her. Now, I may be wrong, but something tells me that in 1659 (I think that was the year it was set it, might be a couple years off), people did not refer to flirtations as being "hit on." I can't deny not knowing what term they would use, but this is not it. It's very jarring to have those modern terms thrown in there, and is somewhat distracting.

There were areas where the action was lagging or completely lacking; long, boring stretches repeating the same information that's already been repeated five or six other times. Overall, it's not a bad book, but could've been a bit better.
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Rachel I was wondering if the modern terms were due to bad translation. I'm fully bilingual in English and Spanish and understand spoken Italian and French and I HATE FOREIGN FILMS - not because I'm an idiot but because I see how bad the translations are. It makes me cringe.

Wendy Rachel, I suppose that could be. I really don't think so, though, because as I said, the terms are ones that are just too modern. But I can't say it's impossible. And I hadn't thought of that, either.

message 3: by Krystal (new)

Krystal I think you nailed what it is that I am not loving about THD. It's ok, but I constantly feel like a fish out of water or something. I think it's the modern terminology. It takes away from the setting and makes me feel the characters are not authentic.

It could be a translation issue, but I don't really think that is it.

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