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Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah by Marguerite Kaye
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Jul 20, 2012

it was amazing
Read from July 20 to 28, 2012

Absolutely delectable! Taken from my review at

After the death of her parents, Lady Deborah Napier, Dowager Countess of Kinsail, had been raised by her aging uncle and left on her own for the most part, so she had devised tales and made invisible friends. When her governess caught her one day talking to her imaginary friends, she quit her position and Deborah was sent off to boarding school. The five years at Miss Kilpatrick’s Seminary for Young Ladies had been the happiest of Deborah’s life. Her stories had made her popular and she had lost her shyness. During the last two years there her stories had centered on romantic love, rather than the derring-do and ghost stories she previously wrote. But from the beginning, love had been a major component of her stories. She had felt that one day her life would be like her stories, but then she married Jeremy and spent seven torturous years with him before he died. He has been dead for two years and for two torturous weeks each year she returns to the estate which is now run by her deceased husband’s cousin, the present Lord Kinsail, who treats her with disdain. She is lonely and unhappy, but she is determined that no one will ever hurt her again. She had just been on her way back to the manor house when she spotted a menacing figure coming down the drainpipe.

While in the army, Major Elliot Marchmont had witnessed first-hand the effects of penny pinchers like Lord Kinsail’s failure to get the supplies to the starving, threadbare soldiers. Many good men had been lost. Now, as a gentleman and an ex-soldier, he sees some of the former soldiers who had joined up, anticipating a good life after the war, only to end up on the streets after returning home. So Elliot makes those responsible pay. By breaking into their homes, confiscating their valuables and fencing them, Elliot uses the money to help atone for their war crimes. He has become quite infamous and is known as the Peacock. In Lord Kinsail’s case, he had obtained a huge diamond in an unsavory way, so Elliot broke in and relieved him of it.

As Elliot made his escape down the drainpipe, escaping Lord Kinsail’s manor house, he let go and landed on a lady passing below. Before making his escape, he could not resist kissing the luscious lady. For Deborah, the kiss was the stuff of her dreams. She still weaves stories and sells them. Her adventures this night was something the heroine in her books, Bella Donna, would do. She considered raising the alarm, but then she would have to explain why she was roaming the grounds at four in the morning in nothing but her night clothes with a cloak thrown over them. Keeping it to herself, she decided it was time to leave the estate once more. The only consolation she has to having never given her husband a son was that she did not have to prolong her contact with the present heir.

But when she returns to London, her publisher informs her that her ennui with life has invaded her latest novel. She needs some adventure, something to infuse her work with life. So when she accidentally runs into Elliot again, she begs him to take her along on his next break-in. Unable to turn down this woman, who has starred in his dreams since their one kiss, he agrees to take her along, if she will do exactly as he says. As they set out, it was not Elliot and Deborah embarking on this adventure, but the Peacock and Bella Donna. The night was exhilarating and served to infuse her work with some much needed sparkle. But though she wants the excitement, she also needs the safety after her treatment at the hands of her husband left her feeling worthless. Elliott wants nothing more than to erase the damage caused by her former husband and prove to her that she is an exciting, vivacious woman that he cannot keep off of his mind. Will he be able to convince her that there is more to life than what she had with Jeremy?

An absolutely delicious tale, OUTRAGEOUS CONFESSIONS OF LADY DEBORAH, the latest novel by gifted author Marguerite Kaye, is a witty, passion-filled historical romance that will warm your heart. Due to a disastrous marriage, Deborah seems to be living through her alter ego Bella Donna, refusing to live for herself. In the meantime, Elliot has his own problems, suffering from survivor’s guilt after the death of his friend Henry. His alter ego, the Peacock, has helped him find some meaning in his life, but that was before Deborah came into it. Can they get beyond their issues and have a happy future together? As she begins to come out of her shell, her books take on a new dimension. Brimming with passion, humor, thievery, complex characters, believable dialogue, suspense, romance and true love, this story is delectable. I highly recommend it and look forward to Ms. Kaye's next novel. Do not miss her latest novel, OUTRAGEOUS CONFESSIONS OF LADY DEBORAH!



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