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The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands
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Jul 20, 2012

it was amazing
Read from July 20 to 28, 2012

A must read! Taken from my review at

Immortal Jeanne Louise Argeneau was raised by her aunt and has been a scientist with Argeneau Enterprises for the past seventy-fie years. Although she is more than a hundred years old, she looks to be no more than twenty-five. The one thing she longs for, like most immortals, is to find her life mate, but so far she has not found him. Early one morning, after finishing her shift, she started home. After going through the gates and stopping at a stop light, she saw movement in her backseat and then a prick as a needle was stuck in her neck. When she awoke later, she was chained in the basement of her captor’s home. Unable to take control of her captor’s mind, she blamed the drug, figuring she would wait until the drug wore off to try again.

Paul Jones is also a scientist at Argeneau Enterprises, working in a different sector. He lost his wife a few years ago and had recently planned a trip to Europe for himself and his five-year-old daughter Livy. But a few days before they were to leave, she complained of severe headaches. Taking her to the doctor, he discovers that she has an inoperable brain tumor. He does not think he can bear to lose his precious little girl. So that is when he gets the idea of kidnapping Jeanne Louise and holding her until she agrees to his proposition.

After meeting the poor little girl, Jeanne Louise realizes just what proposition Paul has for her. He has admitted that he doesn’t want to be an immortal. But he figures if he can get Jeanne Louise to turn his little girl, he won’t have to worry about her dying. The only problem is that immortals can only turn one person and they usually leave that honor for their soul mate. But when she awakens to find the little girl in the room with her, Jeanne Louise makes another discovery. She can read the little girl’s mind, but not her father’s. This means that he could be Jeanne Louise’s life mate, but will he accept her as such? In the meantime, the immortal Enforcers have discovered that Paul kidnapped Jeanne Louise and are hunting them down. Together, will they be able to stand against the immortal law, or is their time as life mates coming to a close?

Sizzling hot, THE LADY IS A VAMP, the seventeenth installment of New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ ARGENEAU/ROGUE HUNTERS series, is a passion-filled, heartwarming paranormal romance. Not many authors can pack their story with passion and still have it touch your heart, but Ms. Lynsay has succeeded in doing just that. Paul’s little girl, Livy, adds a great deal of appeal to the story and will steal your heart. Paul and Jeanne Louise are both hardworking scientists and have much in common, but for Paul, family comes first, especially when not acting may cause him to lose his little girl. I am sure that, like me, readers will be rooting for a happy outcome for these three people. Combining humor, suspense, danger, passion, interesting characters, an intriguing plot and loads of love, this story is a definite winner. Ms. Lynsay is known for incorporating humor and passion in her books and she has, without question, succeeded with this one. I highly recommend this book, which can be read as a standalone despite being part of a series. Be sure to pick up a copy of THE LADY IS A VAMP!


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