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Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts
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Jul 20, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: favourites, bdsm, kidnapped-or-forced
Read from July 20 to 21, 2012

'Captive in the Dark' was a reality hitter..

It knocked me off my Cloud-9 and brought me back to how cruel life can really be. How the man we look at as our prince and savior can also be our villain and destructor . I hate to read books like this - knowing I have to realize that this is our reality. Many times I tried to stop reading to save myself of having to think about these lingering thoughts but found myself going back to it as a clutch. As Caleb said many times, their survivors. And unless you have that in you, your going to loose the part that is you.

It's hard to say how I felt about Caleb's character. In the beginning you find him to be a disturbed young man who became 'excited' at the sight of a girl crying. We soon learn he is a very complex man. Which is why Olivia knows that she cannot blame him no matter how much she tried to convince herself to. She knows that the things we went through in life are what made us into who we are. She knows there is a lot more to him then the man he tries so hard to even convince himself he is. In all honesty, if I were Olivia, I don't know if I could be so - not forgiving but I guess dependent on him. I would go as far as to start questioning my own sanity. "Why do I care for someone who showed me the darkest parts of my mind?"
I will say, I liked Olivia's spunk - never giving into him fully yet just enough so he wouldn't beat her again. She knew how far to push him and how far to push herself.

I do not always find the idea of the main character/characters going through so much hardship very appealing - most of the time I either force myself to finish it or just completely stop reading it. In the case of this book, the hardships and torment is what made them into who we started to love. Without it, they would've never been brought together. To heal their scars - maybe not even to heal them, but to bury them into each other. It's ironic how their pain is what brought them to their healer.

To those of you who found this an amazing piece of work - read 'Sakura Gari'. The wounds, the love, the pain, the pleasure, all like 'Captive In The Dark' in many ways.
I'll give you a sample of what I'm talking about.

"I couldn't help being afraid of him, hating him. It torments me. Why did I go to him?"

"As we sank into each other, it was almost as if he was burying the pain and loneliness I felt up till this moment within his."

All in all : An emotional story that will drag your mind on a self journey of it's own while reading their's.
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