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Sweet Reward by Christy Reece
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Jul 20, 2012

really liked it

It's the first Last Chance Rescue that I read but I don't think it makes a difference in my appreciation of this book. And I'm sure I'm not the only one but sometimes a cover will have the power to convince me to pick the story that's inside... But what really sold the deal for me was this sentence in the summary : "The case brings Jared face-to-face with Mia Ryker, the only agent ever fired from LCR-for playing too far outside the box." I thought it would contain a thrilling story with a kick-ass heroine and a hero that would make dynamite together. That's not exactly what I've got. But don't get me wrong, it was good.

Is it my new favorite suspense/romance series ? No, but it still held my interest. I read a lot of this genre so I need something to stand out from all the others. It can be the plot, it can be the characters or the writing. For this one, there was a mix of all these elements and even though they were well executed I sometimes felt like something was missing. Now it's not Reece's fault. It's just that I prefer a little bit more humour or what I call a "brotherhood feeling." I like to feel the gang are like family, would do everything for each others. The LCR's heros were close, but not that close in my eyes.

Our hero, Jared, is used to be in control. He doesn't trust easily and hate sharing his feelings. So when our heroine, Mia, enter the game, you can bet he won't come out of his shell that easily. Jared's not the perfect man. He can be brooding and he's sometimes tactless, but you can feel he's a good guy and I loved his honesty.

Like I said, I thought Mia would be a kick-ass chick. She can handle herself just fine but there was a sensibility to her that really surprise me. She's a nononsense woman, she have a good sense of humour, she's kind, warm and passionate. Now I realize that a bad-ass wouldn't be a good match for Jared. She wouldn't have be able to win Jared's heart, she wouldn't have known how to show him how to open up.

The connection between them was really sweet and beliveable but not as explosive and intense as I prefer. On several occasions, it could appear like Jared didn't saw Mia's potential as an agent but I don't think it's because he didn't thought her capable. It's because he's curious and the fact he's never curious about anybody makes him uncomfortable and he doens't want to admit she awakened emotions/feelings in him he thought he couldn't feel.

I enjoyed Christy Reece writing. It was simple, fluid but she managed to find words that strike a cord. She's got a good way to show us that evil can be gray. It's not always about black and white. Sometimes even bad guys doesn't even realize they're vilains, even if they know that what they're doing is bad. It show us the complexity and the absurdity of the human mind.

One thing that I really didn't like it's when the past was easily forget and the issues that existed between Mia and her parents were magically resoluted at the end. I hate when they do that !


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