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Entasy by Brynn Myers
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Jul 19, 2012

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Read from September 07 to 12, 2012

This actually merits 2.5 STARS rather than 3 but I thought I’d be nice and round up instead of down.

First off, let me just say, I LIKE THE CONCEPT for this book even if the review that follows seems very negative. I merely mean the following review as constructive criticism albeit in an extreme sense.

The plot has potential. It’s very intriguing and unique. The idea of using Celtic mythology as the foundation for a story was what captured my attention in the first place. But, the plot is lacking in construction, depth and sometimes focus. The story construction is rudimentary. At times, there are too many characters in the same scene and it becomes confusing trying to sort out who said or did what and WHEN THE HELL DID THEY ENTER THE SCENE? The multiple POVs also causes some frustration. It’s not difficult to follow but it makes for some AWKWARD transitions from character to character or scene to scene.

The story is a little REPETETIVE. Kylah’s destiny is mentioned a few times but without an explanation other than that one day she will be able to ferry souls to the gate (instead of the souls being a feast for evil). What does that mean for her? If her powers are so important to the future, why were the Goddesses, Brighid and Morrigan, willing to risk the present and the past two hundred years by suppressing her memories? Will the author even address the repercussions of Goddess’s actions?

The love story is RUSHED. The only explanation the reader gets for Kylah and Aerric’s connection is that they were mates two centuries ago. Apparently, they are still mates and it’s irrelevant that Kylah’s memories have been suppressed for the past two hundred years. They just hook up as if they’d never been separated which is lovely but not at all realistic. It sort of comes off as a lame one night stand rather than an intense love that surpasses time and space.

The ring that Liam left for Kylah to find is another mysterious question in the book. The meaning of the ring is not explained yet when Brighid and Morrigan see it, their reaction is shock. But, why are they shocked? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. The Goddesses don’t confiscate the ring so does that mean the ring is just a message or a threat? The ring must not be malevolent in the magic department or I would assume it would have been destroyed or taken for safe keeping. SO, what does this mysterious piece of jewelry represent? NO IDEA. The book has more questions than answers. I don’t mind having to wait for answers but this book is almost HAPHAZARDLY PUTTING FORTH TOO MANY WITHOUT GIVING ANY HINT OF WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON.

The use of the Gaelic language, while beautiful and unique to the story, also poses an obstacle as it is a difficult language to read and pronounce. Overuse could cause a reader some frustration and possible disinterest. Though, the glossary at the back of the novella is HELPFUL.

The characters:

Kylah has the potential to be a badass if she’s given the chance. Her attitude suggests a very strong personality most of the time. I find her reunion with Aerric questionable whether they are mates or not. I don’t have a problem with them being together, I just think it should have been a more structured reunion. But, back to Kylah as a character, she has fire both figuratively and literally. She’s smart and sassy with a good heart. Her reactions or lack thereof to what has happened to her are a little concerning. IT’S NOT REALISTIC TO JUST ACCEPT THE MAGIC OF AN ENTIRE WORLD WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN HIDDEN FROM IT FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. That flaw aside, Kylah has the makings of a great heroine if written correctly.

Aerric is a generic love struck hero, his character is fairly flat and 2-dimensional. He needs more substance before he can be an amazing love interest. It’s not that he’s unlikable but rather that there is not much to him. JURY IS OUT ON WHETHER OR NOT HE WILL BECOME A MORE DEFINED CHARACTER.

Dillon will possibly be a favorite character later. Again, not a lot of information on Dillon but I love the protective brother aspect so he gets points for that automatically. The only thing the reader knows about Dillon is that he is exceedingly overprotective and seems to be the head of his family as far as organizing Kylah’s protection.

Liam will likely be the villain a reader will PASSIONATELY HATE! This will not be normal hatred but rather the NAUSEATING-RED FLARING ANGER- I NEED TO HIT/STRANGLE SOMETHING- I CANNOT STAND YOU IN MY IMAGINATION EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE VITAL TO THE STORY kind of hatred! The reader is given enough information about what Liam had done to Kylah in the past before her memory was suppressed that LOATHING AND DETESTING HIM IS AN INSTANT REACTION.

So, as my GRAND FINALE I will simply state that as a debut novella, it’s not awful but it is lacking the distinguishing characteristics of more refined work. The concept is unique enough that if polished, focused and better explained, it could be a great series.

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