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Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz
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Nov 09, 2008

really liked it

Geez, how does he come up with these things? Slim is cursed with "Twilight Eyes", which allow him to see things that'd make most normal people cry out for their mommies. But Slim is made of tougher stuff than that, and wages a battle on an enemy - goblins - only he (and other goblins) can see.

Slim's actions eventually lead him to join a carnival, where he finds that he's not alone in his unique ability, and that he shouldn't always be so quick to trust people.

I admit, I didn't like Rya when she was first introduced. I knew there was something not right about her, and yet silly Slim saw the beauty and the kindred spirit, and just about fell over his tongue in his haste to be with her. And whadyaknow? Rya's got a secret...the bitch.

Anyway, the back half of this book was much better than the first. The things that Slim sees and the plans that he makes are what made the second half strong. It very easily could have devolved into an icky, creepy, goblin versus humans carnage-laced show-down, but it never made it that far. True, carnage and ickiness abounded, but it wasn't so bad as to make me want to put the book down.

I think the fact that Slim was such a great character really helped pull this book together for me, too. If it had been just Rya, I never would have made it to the end. The bitch.

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