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Mapping the Edge by Sarah Dunant
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Nov 09, 2008

did not like it

I don't get it. I sure as heck didn't like it. I was disappointed in this entire book, and was just glad to put it down.

There are two things going on here. Anna takes a solo trip, but doesn't come back when she's supposed to. Her friends, who are stuck taking care of Anna's kid, are at first accepting, then slightly worried, then definitely afraid about what Anna's failure to return means. That part was fine. It makes sense - your friends and family are worried, got it.

But then the reader is presented not with what's happening to Anna in her part of the world, but what might be happening. There are three plots happening here! The friends and kid who are worried, Door Number 1 with Anna having an affair with a man she doesn't really (it turns out) know all that well, and Door Number 2, which suggests that Anna was nabbed by a lonely and more than slightly creepy man.

Enough! I didn't like any of the plot lines enough to really care what had happened to Anna. I just kept reading in the hopes that Sarah Dunant would give it all a nice, understandable ending.

I feel like she should stick with her historical fiction novels. It seems to be a much better fit for her.

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