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Phantom by Laura DeLuca
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Jul 18, 2012

really liked it
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Read from July 29 to 31, 2012

WOW! There were so many different ways this book could have ended - because there were so many different people that could have done this -

Loved this book! I had seen the Phantom of the Opera way back when I was a little kid - I didn't know much of what was going on at the time, but after reading this book, I think I may want to read the actual book!

Becca is an ordinary girl trying to blend in, but when the drama club announces that they're doing a production of her all time ever favorite play Phantom, she just had to get a role. She knew the whole thing by heart, had every sound track out and could recite every word from the play by memory. But she had never done it all in front of people before. Yikes!

Tom was your all around typical American dream guy. Blonde hair, dreamy blue eyes, and a body to go with it all. He was popular and always the star of the show.
Then there was his strange best friend Jay who no one but Tom liked. Jay was a goofy guy, sarcastic, rude, and every bit of a cocky jerk. But for some reason he was Tom's best friend.

But when the new guy in town , the weird Goth freak that keeps to himself shows up for the audition, and not only does a great job at singing his lines, but does a BETTER Job than Tom. Instant hatred comes of the two as Justyn disappears just as quickly as he came.

Then it was Becca's turn. Her stomach turned to knots, but once she spied Justyn in the shadows watching her, suddenly she became Christine, and could sign to him. And she did. When she was able to pull of those seprano notes that even Wendy, the usual female star of the show couldn't hit, Daggers were glared at here in every direction.

it wasn't any surprise to Becca's friends when Becca saw her name at the top of the list... and when Tom had seen his name under hers, and Justyn's on top, he was beyond upset.

Rehearsals started off immediately, and both Tom and Justyn were competing for Becca's attention. And yes, she loved it.

But when things scary and strange things started to turn up in real life, She became terrified.

First with the doll in her locker, than the strange phone call while at home...
in contrast with these strange notes and phone calls, people were actually getting hurt, and even killed!

Becca kept quiet about most of the phone calls, after all, everyone had already told her that it was just a joke. But she couldn't help but feel that she could have somehow stopped these terrible things from happening!

I love a good love triangle. Especially when she has feelings for both the All-around American guy, and the hot romantic Goth guy, and let me tell you, Justyn was REALLY a sweetheart! I loved him always singing out lines from the play in order to tell her how he's feeling! But was he really capable of hurting people??

What about Wendy? She was so upset that Becca got the lead role, was she capable of hurting people?? And what's the deal with the janitor?

GAH!! This book was hard to put down, new things got thrown in each time, and it was hard to piece together everything until the end :)

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