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The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
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Jul 18, 2012

liked it

First things first, I expected this trilogy to have more continuity. I expected the stories to be interlinked. That's my fault for not reading up on what I was buying, but it left me a little disappointed all the same. Let that be a warning for anyone who would make the same mistake.

The first story was the most promising of the three. I liked the set up, the characters, plenty of scope for a good, atmospheric mystery story. Then I began to lose my grip of the plot. I could understand what was happening, I just wasn't really sure why it was happening, and it felt half-finished.

As a minor irk, the author writes that he likes detective stories because every sentence counts for something and no words are wasted. In the same story, he tells us the protagonist is taking "a turd" when the phone rings. Nice.

The second story had a little less action and the same dose of ambiguity. There's an interesting little quirk on the characters, who are all named after colours, but that does make it feel like the whole story is meant to be some sort of an allegory. If there was a profound underlying message, it was lost on me. Ha.

The third story was the best written, and felt the most complete to my mind, but I didn't care for the characters in the same way.

I'd heard that this what a classic. Maybe it is, it just didn't really match up with my tastes. I had no problem reaching the end, in any case.
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