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Ingenue by Jillian Larkin
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Jul 18, 2012

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Read from July 18 to 20, 2012

** spoiler alert ** This book was a pretty good sequel. I do have a few criticisms though.

1. The relationship between Gloria and Jerome just seems-- I don't know-- forced. It seems that the attraction was just lust, and the author didn't really develop a relationship between them based on any type of common ground other than their mutual love of music. So to see their relationship unfold in this book further was disappointing, because I was spending most of my time trying to figure out what exactly kept them together. And of course since this was a young adult novel, there couldn't be any sex, so I guess these two just kept a chaste relationship based on a love of music?

2. It seems super far fetched that an 18 year old woman would be offered a job writing for any type of magazine in 1923, however progressive the magazine might have been.

3. The fact that Clara felt like she couldn't tell Marcus about her job seemed disconnected. She was worried that he would feel like she was being a hypocrite-- after telling him that she wasn't going to fall back into that lifestyle. But he never implied that she needed to stop doing it... so if she was just honest in the first place about it, he probably would have been okay and open minded to the idea. So she basically ruined her relationship off of her own stupidity, yes. And if that was the author's goal then that's okay. But a reader may look at that and think that her justifications for lying was straight out of a sitcom or out of a cheesy TV drama versus reality.

4. I didn't quite understand what gain Vera had by ratting everybody out. That didn't seem to be developed. Perhaps in the next book, she will be exposed?

5. The "Killer" is found and she is random unknown person that nobody could have guessed. I know these aren't mystery novels, but the first book had a certain level of mystery involving Clara's past. This time, everybody was out in the open and random person is the killer. Weird.

Finally, there is a quote in the book that kind of sums up the entire feeling I was starting to get about this series:

"...she reminded Clara how young they all were. Publishing articles? Chasing after mobsters? Capturing killers? What normal seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds did these sorts of things?"
Ms. Larkin, you nailed it on the head.
Yes-- I know this is a young adult series, but seriously? I guess I can appreciate that it's somewhat realistic, just a little far-fetched.

Unfortunately I am the type of reader who commits to a series once she starts. I will read on, but I can feel my disappointment slowly rising in the series as the books go on. I know that in the next book Gloria will become some kind of "mob spy." I'm sure that will not be the only far-fetched ridiculousness that I will experience.

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