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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
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Jul 18, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: greatest-books-ever-written
Recommended to David by: Kilgore Trout
Recommended for: Anyone interested in selling pharmaceuticals or buying a cadillac
Read from December 31, 1973 to January 01, 1974 — I own a copy , read count: At least once

Ranks with Homer's The Illiad. The tale of the father of the now defunct, Gonzo Journalism and his constant companion and Attorney as they leave the confines of the 1960's "City of Angels" and head for "Sin City" in a red convertible with a trunkload of psychedelics, blow, and the uncommon but intense drug, Ether. The ride from the City of Angels to Sin City is through the desert and takes about four hours to drive. The mistake that our duo of heros make, is to stop two hours from Sin City and injest many of the illegal chemicals stashed in the trunk and start to power hit the Ether. As they enter the city limits everything the two wandering lothario's have injested, power hit and smoked comes to an epic intensity and they become instantly paranoid when to their utter dismay they find out that their reservations are in a hotel hosting a convention of law enforcement officers.

This is when the comparison to Homer's paranoid work filled with one-eyed cyclops' that eat humans, the Siren's of Titan who will sing you into a state of lust and cause you to perish on the rocks and other terrifying hallucinations that causes Homer's hero Ulysses to take some forty years to return from the battle of Troy only to face his wife who has married another man and is as mad as any wife would be when her husband takes forrty years to travel a distance of less than fifty miles with wild excuses about flesh eating one eyed giants would react. Fortunately our two hero's do not have wives to answer too, but their determination to leave Sin City and return to the cultured streets of L.A., are constantly being thwarted by their weaknesses for women, alcohol and psychedelics from escaping the elevators filled with paranoia inducements like Law Enforcement Officers and highly feathered showgirls who look like giant peacocks that just might take a nip out of one of our star crossed, languishing hero's eyes and turn them into a cyclops.
Not to give away any more of the plot, let me finish this review by saying that after a weekend in Sin City fueled on expensive and highly desirable drug's (at that point in our American Drama) the two stoics eventually do find a kind of romance through a kidnapping and one final drive in the rented continent cruiser through the heat filled night at an inflated speed towards the West where the Pacific Ocean does await their return, though their minds have been destroyed incrementally and the Attorney faces legal action our heros find peace much unlike Homer's ending where Ulysses has to explain to his wife about the Sirens of Titan after he kills her new husband and catches more trouble as he tries to regain his kingdom. Homer's ending just doesn't work. So I say Homer 0, and Duke 1.
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