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Secret of the Wolf by Cynthia Garner
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Jul 18, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

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Cynthia Garner’s ‘Secret of the Wolf’ is an Urban Fantasy leaning heavily towards Romance and Crime. This is the second book in the Warriors of the Rift series, what will definitely turn out to be a Must Read Series. The basis of the Fantasy is that Vampires, Demons, Werewolves and other mystical creatures are actually beings from a different dimension.

These beings were sent to our dimension as a punishment for crimes committed in their own. Most are using it as a second chance to live their life legally. The beings, referred to on Earth as ‘preternaturals’, have made their existence public knowledge and live freely among Humans. They have their own legal system, complete with laws, trials, punishments and enforcement officers.

Victoria ‘Tori’ Joseph is one of these enforcement officers. After being on Earth since 1866, she’s finally found the brother that she’s been separated from for over 130 years, the only family she has here on Earth. She is a werewolf liaison for the Council of Preternaturals, and as such is tasked with handling and investigating any illegal incidents involving Werewolves in her section of Phoenix. Tori is also required to work closely with Officer Dante of the Phoenix Police Department. The heat is obvious right from the start with these two as they investigate the scene of a bar brawl between a Vampire and a Werewolf.

As the story progresses we learn that there is a comet passing Earth in a few months, and when it comes it is dragging behind it a large rift between dimensions which will result in a giant influx of preternaturals into Earth’s population. These beings will take a human at will, merging with its consciousness. Tori has in her possession a device used to communicate across the rift, but she needs to figure out why it is here on Earth and what its being used for.

Tori’s relationship with Dante heats up as they are forced to work together to solve the riddle of the rift device. In the midst of these investigations, Dante and Tori’s co-workers have to deal with a rouge Werewolf who has moved from ‘turning’ humans to using them for a late night snack. When Tori hears details that leads her to believe her brother may be involved with the rogue Werewolf, she keeps the info to herself wanting to do her own investigation before turning him in. But it may be too late.

Tori has to try to balance her relationship with Dante, while investigating the rift device and trying to find a rogue Werewolf that has started killing in her sector (and may be her brother).
This is a book that is well worth the read and will have you on the edge of yours seat. Cynthia’s next book in the series, ‘Heart of the Demon’ can’t come soon enough for this reader. I, for one, have found this book mind-blowing with its realistic plot points and references. Superbly written and exceptionally well thought-out and researched.

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