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The Blemished by Sarah Dalton
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Jul 18, 2012

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Wow, awesome story! It’s well worth the time I invested in it, so well worth it, that I will be waiting for the next one down the line from Ms.Sarah.

Mina (love the name) is less than perfect according to the government and that is why they are call “The Blemish”, so are her friends Angela and David, see where the title came from.

Mina and her father arrive in area 12 to start fresh. Area 10 and Area 12 are the two locations mentioned in this book but I wonder there must be more areas which will probable are mentioned in the next book. The areas has a little taste like the other well know dystopia series out in the market but that’s were the likeness stops. I actually like the leading girl in this story.

Mina being a blemish must wear an outfit that covers her from head to toe. It is against the rules to show her skin. It is against the rules to have anything to do with the perfect people, which are called GEMs, especially Sebastian. When her murder-troll of a teacher tells her that she is to stay away from him, she tires, she really does, but can’t seem to follow murder-troll’s simple request, and that gets her in a whirl of trouble.

There has to be something better out there, you see Mina isn’t just a regular blemish. She is very special and unique. And that uniqueness helps her but also hinders her from what she really wants and that is to be free from the control of the government. All she wants is to be happy, free and her family and friends safe.

The story is non stop there is not a place where the characters are not doing something interesting. Mina is always in some sort of ordeal. The story is fast paced and one that you will not want to put down.


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