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Shift by Em Bailey
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Jul 17, 2012

did not like it
Read from July 17 to 18, 2012


Subtlety is not this book's strong suit... so, this wasn't that much of a psychological thriller. Obviously there’s a history here with everyone aware but having the same go unspoken. Yet, with the big ginormous hints littering the path toward the reveal, there really was no thrill for me in this one. At points, I even felt a little insulted by how it seemed someone had taken my hand and positioned my just so, as if saying, ‘see this? this is the way things went down; and that? that is why things are the way they are now.’ There’s zero figuring out going on in here.

There’s more than one mystery to figure out in an attempt to make matters more interesting; More than one unknown quantity entered the picture though Lachlan’s type lay on the side of the more predictable. What did we have in him? Why, yet another new hot boy crushing on the odd girl out! Question: Who’s been there and done that with me? Answer: Anyone whose picked up a YA paranormal in the recent past. The fact that he’s interested in her was not new; the fact is I saw little point in him save YA hotness quotient being fulfilled.

It’s Miranda and her oddness that should have upped the ante. Eventually, however, the same problem of things being handed to me happens with regard to her. My complaints ran along the lines of wanting to be allowed the chance to figure things out on my own. As in ‘stop leading me along like a baby and let me do it!'

Plus, it’s the mostly oddly arranged thing I’ve read in ages and that’s not really a good thing. Imagine your typical story of a building up, a climax, and a resolution thereafter; now imagine a big old knife slicing it clean in half and swapping those halves’ places , or more apt, skipping the tail end and then doubling up on the start. Why? SHIFT had the same thing taking place twice over! Imagine (again) my frustration over how people in it just. didn’t. see! I mean, why piece things together at all, when midway through it’s clear that it’s already been done for you? What an aggravating experience this was. Not even mentions of toxic friendships and blow by blow of how they could tear each other apart kept me interested. And even when things eventually did change up (a little) well, there was no steam left. The tension before resolution? Absent. Instead, there’s a big squelchy plop-y sound to mark the ending.

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Stacia (the 2010 club) I was going to try this one but I might just skip it.

Jasmine totally agree with you!

Lectus Total crap. I can't believe how people write this.

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