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The Angel by Tiffany Reisz
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Jul 17, 2012

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** The Angel is the second book in Tiffany Reisz's Original Sinners series and a book that makes me want to have babies with it. Yes, I’m invoking my almighty phrase that I give books that blow my mind away where I can’t stop thinking about them and want to hug it, squeeze the life out of it and wish I had one ounce of writing talent that Tiffany has. I though The Siren was pure reading gold, but The Angel has come along and left me shaken, hyper and a jittering mess because I need more, MORE I TELL YOU, of this world and the characters Tiffany has created. Make no mistake, this book isn’t for the faint of heart because there are some things that occur here that will make you squirm, mainly regarding Soren, the priest who's into hard core kink and his love for Nora, the only woman who owns his heart. There’s more than a few reveals about this man, and because of it, you will end up loving him as much as Nora and everyone else he comes in contact with, including Michael, the confused and frighten teenager Nora made a man in the literal sense when she deflowered him at the age of fifteen going on sixteen in The Siren. Michael comes into his own here with the help of Nora and Griffin, the cocky, rich kinky SOB who has the biggest heart of them all and is looking for the right person to love.

The Angel begins a year after the events of The Siren. Nora is back with Soren, her one true love and the only man she allows to have his wicked way in every sense of the word. Soren is a man Nora admires very much and always has even since she was a teenager. But their relationship is very complex because Soren is a priest and one who can only find pleasure with pain. Nora also attends mass at Soren’s parish since that was her church she went to while growing up. Things are better than ever between them, but Nora still misses Wesley, her former nineteen year old assistant she really connected with. Wes left Nora when she went back to Soren, but she understands she can’t have both Soren and Wes. Also the now seventeen year old Michael, the emotional scarred young man who was set free because of Soren and Nora has become very close to them. They showed him it was perfectly acceptable to have dark sexual urges and he’s not disturbed like his father cruelly thinks him to be. Michael is still trying to come to terms with his sexual nature, but Soren and Nora are there to support him and protect him.

But then a reporter, Suzanne, gets wind that something is not right at the church. She receives a tip from an anonymous source about Soren. She'll investigate Soren, who the world knows better as Father Searns and find out all his dirty secrets if he has any. Soren wants both Nora and Michael to disappear for a few months so he can take care of things. Nora and Michael head off on a vacation of sorts and stay with Griffin, a rich, younger friend and sometimes lover of Nora. And when he meets Michael, he’s smitten but Soren made him promise he wouldn’t touch Michel or engage in any kinky acts with him. As Nora helps Michael work out his issues (which usually involves them being naked or with some type of whip), Griffin is there for support and to relieve his frustrations with Nora (since he can't be with Michael) who is more than willing. Nora missing Soren and can’t wait to run, or rather fly back to him, but first he must get rid of the pesky Susanne, who in turn has dark secrets and a vendetta against the church.

The Angel is a masterful novel full of intrigue, suspense and more than enough kinky sex to make you want to take a cold shower. There’s some heavy, heavy stuff going on here and it’s unflinching with the way it’s portrayed. We see the deep bond between Soren and Nora and why these two are each other’s addiction. Soren should come across as an extremely disturbed individual, but the way he’s written, you will come to understand he's very stable even with his kinky sexual nature. There are more than a few things revealed about Soren that will make you gasp in shock, but when you find out it, you’ll end up liking Soren so much more.

As much as this may seem to be mainly about Soren, the other characters are just as important, mainly with Griffin and Michael. These two counterbalance the Soren and Nora relationship so well and I grew somewhat weepy with these two men who bond with one another.

The Angel is an erotic thriller with Gothic undertones. If you’ve read a few Gothics, you’ll get the gist of the overall mystery here and the twists here are plenty and ones you'll never see coming. I also felt that Nora has come into her own here. She’s more well rounded, whereas we see a more vulnerability to Soren not shown in The Siren. Also Kingsley, Soren’s oldest friend and proud king of the kink makes his mark here in a big way. He’s like Griffin in many ways, playful and full of life but can be a major manipulator when it suits him and when comes down to protecting those he cares about.

The Angel was reading perfection. If the third book, The Prince (releases in November) also astounds me as much as The Siren and The Angel has, I’m giving Tiffany the award for author of the year. She has opened my mind to so many possibilities regarding sexual desire, angst and the depths of love and devotion people have for one another. Not many authors or their words and characters have taken hold of my heart and mind like Tiffany’s has. The Angel is a must read, and along with The Siren has a permanent place on my keeper shelf.

Masterful storytelling is what Tiffany Reisz embodies and I'm putting out a call to action- BUY HER BOOKS!
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Cyndy Aleo Oh honey, come to the dark side. We have cookies. And blades. <3 this scene.

message 2: by Katie(babs) (last edited Aug 02, 2012 02:37AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Katie(babs) Cyndy wrote: "Oh honey, come to the dark side. We have cookies. And blades. <3 this scene."

That scene was O.o O.O and yet I was still: :)

Amanda The Book Slayer I love this one even more and I am only 10% into it.

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