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My Life by Bill Clinton
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Jul 17, 2012

it was ok

Loy Machedo’s Book Review - My Life by Bill Clinton

Among all the Presidents of USA, I have 5 Favorites.
JFK, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Regan & Clinton.
So it was indeed great to know that there was a book I could read to know the thoughts of one of the Presidents whom I admired. However, my fiery excitement got splashed with cold water.

Introduction to the Book
‘My Life’ is a 2004 autobiography written by Bill Clinton which has sold in excess of 2.25 Million copies. And he received at that time, what was considered the highest book advance fee – $12 Million.

The book chronologically sequences the life of Bill Clinton and systematically & logically explains why and how he got into politics and rose to the ranks of becoming the Most Powerful Man in the World.

I think the chapter I was most eagerly waiting to read was the Lewinsky Affair. I’m glad it was very honest, sincere and intelligently put across.

Oh by the way
Clinton spent 2 and Half Years on the book and at times he would go through every chapter editing and re-editing them to make sure everything was included. It seems (as per Wikipedia) that the original draft for the book was written completely in long-hand, something like twenty two big thick notebooks!

Drawbacks of the book
- The 1008 pages were too long drawn. Apparently, it seems most of the people who purchased the book (according to Teletext which carried out a survey of British Readers) 30% never completed reading the book.
- There were moments where either too much information was given (in detail) for instance the intricacies of the election campaigns to even moments where he included helping his daughter part with her ‘pet frog’. Now who in the world in interested in a Presidential Frog?
- Clinton shared in detail too many episodes of his life and that too, in much detail resulting in a bloated book with forgettable content. I wish he had just stuck to its essence – letting the audience know what they should and want to know rather than giving out too much of everything.

Overall Verdict
A detailed compendium of a truly admired President with too much information being shared where the best pieces come out towards the end. Had he reduced this book to 50% of its content with more advice, wisdom and insight from him to us, I think it would have sold even more copies with the reality of people actually reading and re-reading this book for ages to come.

Overall Rating
With an astounding 500,000 words which equates to too much information, too much data and too much details, I have to give this book a 4 out of 10

Loy Machedo
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