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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
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Jul 17, 2012

really liked it
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Took me a while to get back into the world and huge cast from Clare's Mortal Instrument series. Despite stereotypes - angst of girl caught between two boys - the Shadowhunter world is another classic unforgettable time and place for me. #1 City of Bones is now a wanna-see film. http://www.themortalinstrumentsmovie....

The London Institute cares for orphan Shadowhunters before their 18th birthday adulthood, as they train to fight demons and keep the peace between human mundanes and Downworlders, vampires and werewolves. But after those in charge, Charlotte and husband Henry Bramwell (nice side-plot romance reunion), let villain Mortmain escape, the Council orders them to find the fugitive in a fortnight (2 weeks) or cede management to Benedict Lightwood.

Benedict's sons Gideon and Gabriel teach fighting to Institute guest Tessa and face-scarred maid-servant Sophie. One falls for Sophie and sides with the Institute. I keep mixing up the brothers' names. I even dislike in real life when siblings are given similar designations. Luckily these are alphabetical, taggable by memory aids. First born "A", GAbriel, stays with fAther, "I" in GIdeon and SophIe.

The search leads to the Scotland Institute, where Aloysius Starkweather 89 still bears a grudge against Charlotte's late father, Granville Fairchild, former Institute manager. The sadistic senior immediately recognizes Tessa, a secret for a sequel.

Quibbles: I know Tessa hates Aloysius, for his bloodthirsty joy in taking spoils, but she prides herself in asking uncomfortable questions, persistent curiosity. Why not here? He was ready to send them all away until he saw her, then he brags and shows off his collection of spoils. The prominent painting of his granddaughter is clearly connected. Why is her ubiquitous inquisitiveness suddenly silent? Why can she suddenly shift into a male shape? Before, she was limited to females. Changing rules now is unfair at worst, a surprise at least.

Starkweather's daughter and her husband packed up to Idris, home country of Shadowhunters, after their daughter failed to survive her Shadowhunter initiation. A mystery still remains to be explained. (view spoiler)

Institute orphans include "Jem" James Carstairs, dying from addiction caused by demons who tortured him and killed his parents. His parabatai, Nephilim warrior partner, is William Herondale, who alienates others to protect them from his demon curse. Will and Jem both love main character "Tessa" Teresa Lightwood, orphan American sheltering with them. Jessamine Lovelace, despite fierce fighting skill, yearns for "normality", to marry mundane Nate, Tessa's brother and Mortmain's assistant.

Their enemy is Mortmain, who wants Tessa in marriage, for mastery over her transforming power, plus to take over Britain using clockwork automatons (making him the "Clockwork Prince" of the title?). Warlock Magnus Bane returns to help the Shadowhunter orphans. Will wants to find the demon who cursed him at age 11, forcing him to leave home. Anyone who loved him would die. The first victim was his elder sister. (view spoiler)

I like the action, and clever plot planning, more than romantic angst. Tessa loves Will with heart-stopping passion, and Jem with heart-warming security. If they cannot find a cure for demon poison, Jem will die. I'm guessing they find a cure.

Usually I dislike cliff-hanger endings, but the sequel is already published, so I'm more excited and happily intrigued. To keep YA niche (not what I want anyway), as lead characters age, others move in to their places. I'd rather see every age of lead character, and any age of reader.

Will's younger sister Cecily arrives at the Institute "to be trained as a Shadowhunter" p498. The End. (view spoiler) I'd like to also see more Magnus, and Bramwells. Hooray for a new 10 ebook short story series "The Bane Chronicles"
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