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Crossroads by Mary Ting
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Jul 16, 2012

it was amazing

My review of Crossroads by Mary Ting

Rating 5*****

Claudia is just a couple weeks before her eighteenth birthday, and her world is turning upside down. First, her childhood friend who shares the same name is killed in a car accident. She is eaten up with guilt because she never haf a chance to say goodbye. Next,she begins to dream over and over or walking along a road. However this isn't just any road this is the crossroads...the point between Heaven and Hell. The question is why can she reach the crossroads being a simple human? It is supposed to be forbidden for humans to be able to enter here.
On onr of her adventuresome dreams she is touched by an angel while visiting the crossroads, which changes her life forever. Micheal is then eent by the ruling angels to protect her from the evil that roams the earth. He is a nephilim that has been assigned to be Claudia's guardian angel. Unbeknownst to the powers that be however, Micheal has been watching Claudia far longer than the ruling angels realize. It is forbidden for him to fall for her, but can he stop himself? And will his growing affection compromise his role as guardian angel????

This book is very beautifully written portrayal of pure love. The plot is actually very believable and draws you in. The author takes you through an amazing rollercoaster ride of emotions from fear to love to experience them all right along with Claudia. After finishing this I am dying to know what the next step is for Claudia and what her future holds!!! Excellent novel!

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