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Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson
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's review
Jul 16, 2012

really liked it
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Alyn's review posted on Guilty Pleasures

Vivian/Alexandria is the owner of the V.V. Inn (Punn Intended) in Alaska. A vampire much older than she is willing to admit, she is the owner and hostess of the quiet retreat that offers a little taste of heaven for vampires and their guests. With various rooms to fit every need and fantasy, vampires are willing to spend a pretty penny to spend time in the lavish getaway for the undead. During a routine check of the suites of her establishment, Vivian stumbles upon a dead human that she does not know. Unsure of what happened or why, Vivian entrusts her mate, Rafe to put the body on ice and clean up the mess before her incoming guests arrive. Forced to deal with a murder that must be solved, and a resort filled with guests that must be entertained, Vivian has her work cut out for her.

I had no clue what to expect when I started reading this novel other than the fact that it looked fun. The cover reminded me a bit of the television show “Bewitched” with the beautiful cartoon woman sitting by a full moon. Vivian’s character is strong and her relationship with her bonded mate is dedicated and funny. Despite the many advances Vivian recieves throughout the story, she is quick to remind others that she is happily married. The relationship she has is playful and the banter between the two will make you smile as the taunting goes back and forth. Additionally, Vivian is a very old and powerful vampire with the ability to project her thoughts and read the thoughts of those she comes in contact with. This makes for some very interesting scenes when she becomes aroused and that arousal rubs off on others. Adding her ability to place suggestions into the minds of others and you are in for some unique looks into the power of suggestion.

As if timing isn’t bad enough, one of Vivian’s guests wants to join her family on a more permanent basis. Happy with her life as it is, the idea of another vampire in the house does not sit well with Vivian but she is willing to let him prove himself. When she uses her gift to touch his mind and determine his reasoning for wanting to join her, she is taken back to a past she has tried for years to forget. Could this vampire be tied to the murder somehow? The woman in his memories seems so familiar, and it can’t be a coincidence that he is asking to join the family the same time a murder occurs on her property. When Vivian realizes that she may need some extra help getting answers and solving the murder, she enlists the help of a friend who sends a former military man turned vampire. Without any other choices, Vivian goes against everything she has wanted to face her past and solve a murder that is closer to home than she realizes.

I was not disappointed with the mystery weaved throughout this story. The characters are not overly complex but offer enough detail to gain your attention and keep you involved in the story. What I did have a little trouble with was the oversaturation of detail in this story. While I agree that authors should paint a picture with their words, this story becomes tiresome at times due to over explanation of everything from wall coloring to wainscoting. Sometimes less is more and leaving a little to the imagination is not a bad thing. Aside from that, the storyline was complex and I truly enjoyed the intricacy of the plot. It is an entertaining mystery with a little bit of naughty to keep even the pickiest reader satisfied.
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