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Just After Sunset by Stephen King
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Nov 05, 2008

really liked it
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So far, of the first five stories I have read I disliked 2 of them. I didn't like the 10 page story about the dream Harvey had...I kept waiting to find out his wife was really a ghost or something but it was just stupid. I also thought "Stationary Bike" was alittle boring. It got okay toward the last 10 pages of it, but honestly, I just didn't like it. "Willa" I enjoyed a lot. "The Gingerbread Girl" was very good and suspenseful. I also liked "Rest Stop" and I could see King being John Dykstra and Richard Bachman being Rick Hardin. I also have been reading his notes after reading each story. I love that he added those, I always wonder what makes a writter chose his story lines. "The Things They Left Behind" is next for me but "Stationary Bike" has irritaited me and I just don't know what I will do if this story bores me like that one did.
So far, I would give 3 stars I guess, one for each story I did like so far :). Maybe I will add a star when I finish it up...hopefully I won't take away any. Who am I kidding, I love Stephen King....just in loyality I probably won't take a star away.

1/12/09 Okay, I liked "The Things They Left Behind" and "Graduation". I don't know how I would have felt about The Things They Left Behind in 2001-2002...I thought the story was a good one...but back then it may have been too soon to make reference to such a real and tragic day in a fictional story. Or at least it would have been harder to read without crying. "Graduation" was strange.

9/5/09 N. was creepy. Definately entertaining...but creepy. OCD is not fun at all....but would be absolutly terrifying with Stephen King's little twist to it....yiks.

09/08/09 I had time at the gym this morning to fit in another story. I know a story is good when occasionally throughout the day my thoughts go back to the story, almost as if it were a memory of events I experienced myself. I am referring to "Cat From Hell." What I would like to know, is how I ended up with the cat from that story in my house? Sure...she hasn't killed anyone...yet..
The last two stories has convienced me to up my stars from 3 to 4. Thanks Stephen King for creeping me out first thing this morning.
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Miss Kim I have this one on the way. I've not read King in a few years. Lately, I've been contemplating dragging my huge box of his books down from the attic and going through them. We just watched Stand By Me the other night, and I was wanting to reread "The Body", but couldn't remember what book it was in..I think The Bachmann books..
Anyway, I hope you like the remaining stories :)

Jennifer Thanks Kim. Me too. I saw "Stand By Me" along time ago. Good movie. Never read that one. Never read "the body" either. I think my two favorite books by King are "It" and "Duma Key".

message 3: by Dori (new) - added it

Dori I found "Harvey's Dream" disturbing I did like the first story in the book. I also like the LIPID Company although didn't like the end.


Betsy Boo "The Body" which "Stand By Me" is based on is in DIFFERENT SEASONS. My all time favorite King book is THE DEAD ZONE followed very closely by THE STAND.

I have to ask, what is THE LIPID COMPANY? I haven't heard of that one. BTW, "A Very Tight Place" is good and very suspenseful, if you can manage to keep your dinner down while you read it. The dog is my favorite character! :)

message 5: by Jennifer (last edited May 18, 2009 06:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jennifer Dori wrote: "I found "Harvey's Dream" disturbing I did like the first story in the book. I also like the LIPID Company although didn't like the end.


Do you mean "Stationary Bike"? I haven't read this book in awhile, i need to read the last stories. Right now I am trying to finish up Delores Claiborne, I have the movie on DVR and i have to get the book read so i can watch Also i have gotten myself hooked on sookie stackhouse novels. I need more time in a day to read!!!!

Becky I listened to this on audio, Jen, and "N" was SUPER creepy. Listening to it just made it kind of... ingrain itself in my head. *shudder*

Betsy Boo Ooooh! I'd love to hear "N" on audio! Reading it was "super creepy" to me. I can imagine hearing it would be even more so!

Becky I downloaded the audiobook of Just After Sunset from I'm not sure if this would be the same, but you can watch N online:


Jennifer Awesome link, thanks Becky!

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