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A Million Suns by Beth Revis
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The one star rating may be a little harsh since I didn't finish it, but I just can't deal with it, and I really tried. I don't understand why people are in love with this series. I wasn't convinced after Across the Universe and while reading this my apathy only grew.

Not only do I not feel any sort of connection or liking towards either Elder or Amy, I find their relationship so asdfjkl; annoying. I just found myself rolling my eyes the entire time. It may be that I've reached my YA capacity again and need to mix it up with more adult books - that does tend to happen to me. There comes a time when my ability to accept bullshit fails. Like I'd mentioned in my review of Across the Universe I just don't understand why Amy is still attracted to/not repulsed by Elder, or refuses to show any sign of a backbone. Like, one moment she says she blames him (rightfully so) for waking her up, but then she still loves him. There's so little development to their relationship that I can't buy it. I just can't.

But the characters (or should I say lack of personalities) are to me inexcusable. The personalities are so static and so undeveloped, I can't handle it. To me, if I finish a book (or in this case get halfway through the sequel) and still can't think of one good adjective (besides, in this case, stupid, annoying, or ignorant) to describe the personalities of the main characters, that book is nothing for me.

But yeah, I got almost half way, didn't enjoy a second of it and just gave up. I was only growing more annoyed reading it. And while what bothered me the most was the characters, the story couldn't hold my attention either. After officially giving up, I read some other reviews and saw similar criticisms - also indicating it didn't get any better. And I spoiled the story for myself by looking at plot summaries and the "twists" sounded like plot elements I'd *headdesk* at. So yeah.

TL;DR: this series just isn't for me. This is not how I like my sci-fi, or basically any series at all.

Recommended To:

Absolutely no one.

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