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After the Fire by Kathryn Shay
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Jul 16, 2012

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Read from July 16 to 17, 2012

Firefighters are darn amazing.

I liked this book; it's possible that I'll be getting the second book in the series and perhaps reading more by Kathryn Shay if they continue to be as good as this one.

The main reason for this was the rich and interesting characters. They have issues, but most of them are really good people and trying to make things work. Everything they did seem really justified to them and I never found myself super exasperated with their stupidity like another book I recently read.

The way that (view spoiler) was perhaps the part of the story that worked least for me. What do I know, maybe that happens, but it made me vaguely uncomfortable. All the other plot lines kept me very interested as they evolved and had me eager to continue reading to see where they went.

One thing that I noticed and felt like pointing out here was that Shay has a tendency to go a lot more in depth in parts of the story that don't matter than most other novels I read. E.g. when Mitch and Megan talk to Hank about the camp, the narrative actually spends a lot of time in the meeting going over the things necessary to start a camp. And other situations where I feel many other novels would skip ahead to keep the story concise, Shay spends more time sharing these happenings before skipping to the next part that's pertinent to the plot. Maybe she just wanted to show all her research. But in any case, I think I liked that. It made me feel more involved with the story and that the novel is about these people and not just about this romantic plot. Or something. Especially the parts that delved into the firefighting. Because firefighters are awesome.

Overall, I enjoyed this story, as I mentioned. I felt involved with the characters and what they're doing and continued to want to read and find out how they evolve and deal with their situations. And I just really wanted things to work out for them, despite my usual feeling that romance novels are way too obvious regarding who ends up with who and that it'd be better if something else happened, I didn't mind at all that the obvious couples ended together.

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