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Being Friends with Boys by Terra Elan McVoy
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Jul 16, 2012

really liked it

This is definitely a fluff book, but it's the most complexly-characterized, realistic, and well-plotted fluff book I've read in quite a while. (Also I apparently have a weakness for books about bands- The Last Days not that they have anything else in common).

Charlotte has personality! She thinks about her decisions, which are not straightforward or obvious, and sometimes she makes bad ones, and sometimes she realizes that and decides to try something else! She figures out when other people are being shallow and decides to rise above high-school pettiness. She stands up for herself when others push her down but also forgives some people who were being annoying, because she cares about them. It's so refreshing! I loved how texting and facebook were incorporated into the plot, it was done very realistically as to how teenagers actually use it these days.

What I didn't like was how Charlotte was suddenly all talented and the second she sang one song everyone instantly agreed "oh you're so fabulous why were you hiding this talent come we beg you to join us we love you please please" (and the only person who didn't agree was just being jealous but also agreed she was talented) and boom, she's suddenly in a public role in the band. It was really cliche, and it stood out all the more because so much of the book wasn't cliche. Also, the language was a little strong for me- I usually don't care so much but there was a lot of cursing. Overall though, a fun, chilled out read, if you want something light and fluffy but need a break from dumb cliche love-at-first-sight characters and plot, to go for something a leeeetle more thoughtful.

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