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The Impossible Cube by Steven Harper
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Jul 15, 2012

really liked it
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Well, darn. Now I'm ready for the next one!

When I finished reading the first book in this series (The Doomsday Vault), I was already hot to have the sequel and nagged the author (known to denizens of Book View Cafe as "Igor") on his Book View Cafe blog to hurry up and write it, already! This is what happens when a writer creates a story finale that ties up some things and cleverly leaves others for the next book.

Well, I just finished the impossible Cube, and it was worth the wait. I loooooove steampunk and this novel delivers. At times it reminded me of Tim Powers' work in Anubis Gates, though perhaps without the metaphysics. There was adventure, romance, and the sense of a gradually unfolding bigger picture. What I especially love about the series is the way Steven has so carefully described and defined the nature of the clockwork plague that drives the plot. The very progression the disease takes--which the reader gets to watch in all its wonder and horror--creates a ticking time bomb that the characters are desperately working to defuse.

And then there are the characters. In our cynical age "virtue" has become a laughable concept, but Steven Harper's characters are virtuous and noble. In fact, I'd even call his male protagonist, Gavin, sweet. And I do not mean that mockingly or sappily. The cool thing, to me, is that that sweetness is a key facet of Gavin's manliness and heroism. And his female counterpart, the irrepressible Alice, is his equal in nobility. So thanks, good sir, for this marvelous antidote to anti-heroes.

The Impossible Cube is a grand adventure, but is it not a light read. Bad things happen to good people and there are terrible losses as well as unexpected gains. But this creates a problem for me. I had promised myself I would not nag Steven further about the series, and I'm pretty sure that's a promise I'm going to have to break. So, "Igor", get crackin' on that third book.

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message 1: by Liam (new)

Liam Randall Looks like another series I'll have to get into. Thanks a lot.

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