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Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey
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Jul 15, 2012

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UNIQUE. That is word I would choose to describe Amy Garvey’s book Cold Kiss. It’s a story about a girl (Wren) who is in love...so in love that she would do the unthinkable and defy Death it’s duty. After a car accident, she resurrects her boyfriend, and must now deal with the consequences of her actions.

A Way With Words
Garvey is an expert at prose. She is a master of words. Cold Kiss is beautifully written with it’s rich descriptions, insight into emotional turmoil, and effective in it’s use of flashbacks. Through her magic (no pun intended), Garvey has been able to take a story about a young witch in love with her now zombie boyfriend and transform it into a modern-day gothic romance. There is no icky zombie decay, odor, shambling, nor the eating of brains. What there is though, is deep love, loss, regret, and the need for redemption.

I mentioned Garvey’s effective use of flashbacks. A lot of books utilize flashbacks for various reasons. Why I liked them in Cold Kiss is because they helped redeem Wren in my own eyes. It was through her flashbacks that I was better able to see the deep love she and Danny (zombie boyfriend) had, and to understand some of her motivation for doing the things she did. Honestly though, if it weren’t for the flashbacks, I probably wouldn’t have been able to justify Wren’s story.

Moody Blues
I was left depressed. I felt deeply for Danny. I was so sad for him. Rather than be allowed to rest in peace, the poor boy was coerced to come back into a life where he has no one but pre-occupied Wren. He has no contact with his friends or with his family. He is confused and seemingly sad being locked up over some old neighbor’s neglected garage. Not only this, but I felt as though he was more of a burden/inconvenience to Wren than someone she truly loved. I found myself angry at her selfishness and neglect. Her actions left her beloved, once animated and interesting boyfriend an empty shell.

Moving On
Along with poor Danny’s neglect, I had a difficult time with how Wren was preoccupied with her own life and freedom. The majority of the book was spent with her procrastinating on how to deal and resolve the situation she had created for herself and for Danny. Rather than taking responsibility, she spends her time sulking, making excuses, fighting with her mother, and flirting with another boy. For me, she was a hard “protagonist” to like. In fact, I question who the protagonist of the story should really be...her or Danny??? There was a lack of actual action because of Wren’s sulking, and I found the pacing to be a little slow for me.

If you like unique story lines, elegant story-telling, and gothic romance, I definitely recommend Cold Kiss. I wouldn’t recommend this though for a beach read. You’ll want something lighter and happier.
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Wendy Darling I liked this one, too...although I agree with your comment about her neglecting Danny. After awhile, I got very upset with her over that!

I liked the sequel too, though.

Tanya I'm definitely planning on reading the sequel once it's released. I'll be interested to see where Garvey takes Wren and Gabriel next since Cold Kiss could almost be a stand-alone book on it's own.

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