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The Last Page by Anthony Huso
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Jul 15, 2012

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bookshelves: magic, ebook, earcs, steampunk, fantasy

THE LAST PAGE is a strangely compelling. There were many parts of it that made me cringe, and quite often I simply had no idea what was happening. But the setting was interesting--a sort of steampunk medival--and the characters were (sometimes too) realistic. The narrative suffers a bit at the beginning as the reader is simply dropped into a world where it's assumed they'll figure out what's going on, but even for this veteran fantasy reader who has made up not a few of her own languages, this was tough. When you require your reader to look up footnotes just to figure out what the characters are saying? When strange diacritical marks make the phrases look like so much gibberish with no obvious relation to any known sentence structure? These things make the book very tough to read. I had to force myself to continue at a few points, because of the cringe-factor and the complete weirdness of the world. If you can make it through these, you'll be rewarded with quite a story, laced with betrayal and stretches where you'll probably feel like you're watching a train wreck: you want to turn away but you can't. There's a good story in there, but beware if you're not the sort to want the darker side of fantasy, because it is definitely on display in this novel.

Received as a digital ARC via Netgalley and the publisher.

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