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Solar Storms by Linda Hogan
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Jul 15, 2012

it was amazing
Read in July, 2012

I think I gave this book 5 stars partly because I read it in the middle of the woods off the grid in northwest Ontario (a very good venue). I had not read anything by Linda Hogan before, but I loved the characters she painted with her gift of poetry. I totally fell in love with the elder natives, and the protagonist as she bloomed into herself and the traditions she had missed as a child. There is just so much love in this book, and hope that we can write a new story to handle the pain of the world. I might write Linda Hogan a fan letter and ask her if anyone is producing a film with these characters.
Some quotes I wrote down:
"Our lives, the old people say, are witnessed by the birds, by dragonflies, by trees and spiders. We are seen, our measure taken, not only by the animals and spiders but even by the alive galaxy in deep space and the windblown ice of the north that would soon descend on us."
P.265 angel is reflecting on "Ammah" one of the creators of life. "I was told Ammah was a silent god and rarely spoke. The reason for this was that all things--birdsongs, the moon, even my own life--grow from rich and splendid silence."
P325. "Decisions are made in a person's life by small moments of knowing, each moment opening until, like pieces of a quilt, one day everything comes together in a precise, clear knowing. It enters the present, as if it had come all of a piece. It was in this year that I began to understand who I was. Every piece of myself was together anew, a shifted pattern."
P344. (angel is reflecting on the lives of those who destroyed their community by damming the rivers and destroing the forests). "When they pull back their covers in the morning, I wonder, do they rise from sleep with joy? For all this, is there happiness and peace? Are they singing as they sit beneath the light of a lamp, or loving each other? I might as well ask if infinity has bitten off the head of its circular flight."
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