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Mélusine by Sarah Monette
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it was amazing
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I came thisclose to putting this book before finishing 50 pages of it. The only thing that kept me from donating it to Goodwill was one of the two main characters, Mildmay. Mildmay starts the book off before the first chapter in the Introduction… I can tell you that Mildmay had me hooked, if not to the story, to his character at that point. But more on him in a moment…

Why did I almost put this book down?

There is a m/m rape scene that turned my stomach. I do not like reading rape scenes and reading a m/m one was a new and unpleasant experience for me that I do not wish to experience again. The scene isn’t actually that graphic – and it is short – but the author gives you enough information to fill in the blanks yourself. The scene, however, is pivotal to the story because it is the actual start to the entire story. If you can get past that part, you will be in for a fascinating book.

There are two main characters, Felix and Mildmay.

“Normal, Sane” Felix is not my favorite character that I’ve ever read. However, “Crazy” Felix, I grew to like in a sympathetic sort of way. Fortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of Normal, Sane Felix in the story as he spends the majority of the story nuttier than a pair of squirrels (a Mildmay phrase).

Mildmay… oh, be still my heart. As a longtime reader, I have a list of memorable, favorite characters. Mildmay has taken at least second place on the list, if not first. No matter what was going on in the story, when it was Mildmay’s turn to narrate, I sat up and paid attention to every damn sentence. He is freaking awesome… the phrases that he uses had me wanting to grab a pen and start underlining them so I could work them in to my own conversations in real life.

The rest of the characters in this book, well, there are a lot of characters and a lot of them have weird names that I have no hope of pronouncing without the author repeating them to me over and over again. I’m not a big fan of weird names in books especially when there are as many characters in the book to keep track of as there are in this one. A peeve of mine with this book is that the author writes in these secondary characters, something happens, and we lose track of them. Completely. Since this is a series, I feel it is safe to assume they will show up in the next book(s), but it was still annoying because it wasn’t just a plot thread left dangling, these are characters that are missing in action.

I believe there are something like four or five books in this series that are already published… which I did not realize when I picked up this book. I don’t know if I can/will stick around for that many books if Normal, Sane Felix remains a big player in them. However, I just received The Virtu in the mail yesterday so I’ll at least be reading book 2.

Although, if Mildmay keeps on being so damn awesome, I might just read the whole series…

(Note: The book itself gets 4 stars, but Mildmay bumped it up to 5 stars simply because I couldn't get enough of him.).
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