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Sonnetailia by Marc Nasdor
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As usual, I'm a lousy guy for reviewing poetry. I recently gave a reading in NYC at the Bowery Poetry Club. Marc Nasdor was there. We've known each other since we both lived in Baltimore in the 1970s. I hadn't seen him since 1995 - 13 yrs. He gave me a copy of this bk. It's published by Roof Books, a press run by another old friend I hadn't seen for a long time, James Sherry, who ALSO came to the reading. SO, I eagerly read this bk.. I'm not even sure I knew Marc was a poet! What can I say? There are words, I like the arrangements, sometimes I was surprised. Below I give all the poem titles in the order that they appear in the bk. These create another poem in & of themselves. I'll quote one poem in its entirety.

A nightmare on M Street
The hunchback of aspartame
Super Bowl halftime circumcision
End Times in the restroom
Totally consensual sex under duress
Impersonism: a festschrift
For those about to rock
The human genome spank test
But the chemicals assume otherwise
Potty politics
Backchanneled flat-earth apologia
Provocations of the fire-pissing rite
Weed and feed
Dispatches from the precinct
They are not at the beach
The manatees are really, really heavy
One nation [of pedophobes:] under God
Depreciation sonnet (why it's better to rent)
Deicide under the mistletoe
Real estate for crabs
Assheads in Humvees
Parental advisory
Imaginary uprising of the adjuncts
An eschatology of waterbeds
Lower East Side recombinent DNA
Son of potty politics
And the women who love them
How cop cars procreate
Defensive secretions
Get out your spray paint
An old Hungarian adage
Dispositions, posthumously
Le droit du seigneur
The thing with the hillbilly nipples
Foodies will eat anything
Middle School megachurch
Book of Exodus cheat-sheet
Extra line breaks
Combustion theory
The family that brays together
Year of the ivory-billed woodpecker
My kind of religion

You again!

What's that hanging off your ass? Place checkmarks
beside each appropriate orifice, connect organ with function,
stand clear and see what transpires. If nothing, then set
in the cellar to cure and forget about it. If something
takes notes and post to this address: His Excellency Pope
Jaundiced Polyp II, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Vatican
Township New Jersey; attention Cardinal Numbers. Send cash
or certified chits. Please crane your neck and observe
your hindquarters presently conferring with the insides
of your underpants; soon it will issue its response.
If low rumbling is heard take three steps backward;
if not, go outside and walk carefully to your car;
check pressure in left rear tire; if low do nothing
or reduce pressure in remaining three until flat,
then get behind
the wheel, lay back
and go to hell.

Free will is not enough?
"Never again" again again again
Inhuman resources
The mind of the electorate
Pried from their cold dead hands
Break it up
Mediation slam-dunks
Exceptions to the blood feud
Onward Christian solderers
The view from Bushwick
Socialism for runway models
Crepuscular Observance
Flow control
Dragonflies in the marinade
Booby traps
Better than cable
Better than phone sex
Here kitty kitty
These are the cries of the turnips
Underwater money
Chow time

There! Wasn't that fun?! It's like band names: anything makes a great band name as long as it's a non-sequitur.
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