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God Save the Queen by Kate Locke
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Jul 15, 2012

it was amazing

This book has been one of the most enjoyable books that I have read in awhile. I say this because I love the mixture of the supernatural and mythical world that Kate creates in this book. I mean we are dealing with Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, and humans that can be half breeds too. The fictional world that Xandra Vardan is living among is so dark and unnerving, so much so that she never knows what is waiting for her around every corner.

Xandra, as a character, is a phenomenal one. She is such a kickin’ chick! She works for the Royal Guard and her job is basically that of law enforcement. She has to be highly skilled and trained to fight any kind of supernatural evil that she might face. She is in great shape, has great hair, a snarky attitude, and she is packing heat to top it all off! She is not the type of chick that you want to mess with, and when she finds out that her baby sister is missing her defensive side goes into hyper drive. She stops at nothing to find the truth. She is determined and very innovative, and let’s just say that no one tells her “no” and lives to tell the tale! This book is worth reading just to follow Xandra and admire her spunk.

The supernatural world that Kate has created is out of this world and as I have not really started trying to write a book yet I cannot imagine how authors create such vast and remarkable worlds. There is even a different lingo/slang that Xandra as well as all of the other characters use. A glossary is provided explaining certain words and what they mean such as “halvie” which means half-blood. This story is taking place in Britain so actually trying to say the words with the British accent only makes the story seem more real. I just feel like inventing a lingo is the work of a dedicated author and one who knows exactly what she wants from the world and the characters that she or he has envisioned!

I can really appreciate the family bonds that Xandra and her siblings possess in this book. She goes above and beyond when she finds out that her sister is missing and in my opinion more books should be build on stories like this one. The determination of Xandra and her sister, Dede, is very honorable. They are both fighting for two different causes and are able to reason with one another as not only sisters, but rather best friends. This book details so many things and I highly suggest picking up a copy for yourself. I can’t promise that Xandra’s world is not dark and dangerous, but I can promise that she is strong and more than capable of protecting you along the way!

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