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Top 8 by Katie Finn
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Nov 03, 2008

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16 year old Madison MacDonald has just gotten back from her vacation to find out that her Friendverse (like MySpace and FaceBook) profile has just been hacked (GASP!) and the hacker has posted up very bad pictures of Mads and posted up horrible secrets that have hurt her friends online! And commented and sent rude meassages to her friends causing her boyfriend to break up with her leaving her practically friendless. After explaining what's happend to her BFFs, Ruth, Lisa, and Schuyler; Madison decides to track down the culprit and bring them to justice so she can clear her name and win back her guy.

Top 8 is an awesome! It is a very funny and a wonderful debut for Ms. Katie Finn. As the story unfolds, Mads learns how painful gossip can be and who her true friends really are. Also, the kinda cute guy mentioned in the beginning from her tip turns out to live in the town right next to her and who isn't just kinda cute. And it's not all about the looks for him, it's his interests like gleato and classic movies and... well, you'll have to read the book to find out!

At first I didn't think Top 8 would have a lot of mystery but happily, it proved me wrong. It makes you think about what motives the suspects could possibly have for doing such a horrible crime (or at least that's what Madison thinks) and when you finally find out, it might just leave you stunned like it did for me. As Sherlock Holmes once said, "Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth."

In the book, it shows Madison's and someone else's profile and I thought it was really original. Also the pictures on the spine were really clever and I just loved it! Especially the last one. And, the quotes and songs at the beginning of each chapter were really creative too.

I totally recommend this book to MySpace and Facebook addicts and mystery lovers too.

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